The greatest enemy lives on your plate

Today, stress is one of the greatest problems gnawing at a workforce that sits in the plush cubicles of mighty corporate setups across the world. The landscape in India is no different. When we speak of stress in modern times, the link between it and food is practically undeniable. It is time we talked about it at length.

Sugars are a major culprit in aggravating stress levels and anxiety. When we are stressed, the body releases an extra dose of sugar as a defense reaction. In other words, the body releases this additional sugar dose to fight the stressful situation at hand and the elements involved in the scene. But very often, our lifestyles and work cultures demand that we make peace with the environment we live in, and so fighting a situation is not an option; unfortunately.

The extra sugar released into the blood goes unused and turns into an unwanted deposit. What worsens the problem is that today, we live an urban lifestyle which is primarily sedentary. To add to this, we snack on sugar foods such as sweetmeats, ice creams, toffees, and other sweetened beverages. So, we neither physically work out the blood sugar nor do we avoid aggravating body sugar levels. The sugar accumulates and rots over a period of time, eventually turning into toxins in the many layers of our body tissues and blood vessels.


This results in chronic ailments. What kind of ailment a person gets depends on the inherent weakness of a certain organ which is, in turn, genetically acquired. For instance, a person with weak pancreas will mostly likely be prone to diabetes.


There are a few other factors that can heighten and intensify stress levels. Carbon dioxides in aerated soft drinks and lactates in the body can result in a condition called acidosis which is extremely hazardous to health. Acidosis is a condition where the body turns too acidic. In other words, if the pH level falls below the normal 7.35 limit, the body suffers from acidosis. The condition is different from acidity of the stomach in that it is about the acidity of the body’s tissues and cells. At this point, there is a need to alkalize the entire system and not just the fluids in the stomach.

Let us look at foods which we should avoid  

  • All kinds of sugar including brown sugar, corn and corn syrup. Give your daily dose of syrupy, sugary tea a miss
  • Beef and pork which contribute to raising cellular acidic levels. They are a strict no-no
  • Canned foods high in acids such as off-the-shelf preserved foods
  • Completely look away from dairy products, including chocolates, when you move your shopping cart around the neighborhood supermarket
  • Caffeine is a brain stimulant that aggravates stress that, in turn, intensifies acidosis. Replace your cuppa with a fresh fruity drink
  • Wheat contains gluten which abstracts digestion, although bread from sprouted wheat can scrap by

You can take heart in the fact that a few tasty foods play savior roles to fight the problem. Let’s us look at the Do’s.

  • High protein foods such as almonds, string beans, olive oil and soy products are a must in your diet
  • Binge on alkaline fruits such as dates, figs, pears, raisins and cherries. It is time you satiated your craving with something healthy
  • Green tea is a highly alkaline drink with a special antioxidant called catechin. It is a good way to detox your body
  • Honey has a reputation of being a good remedy for fighting acids to detox the body. Have a teaspoon of honey three times a day

Good health is the doorway to a robust, throbbing India Inc. It thrives because its workstations are peopled by productive, healthy people who look forward to work and contribute to the nation’s and the world economy every morning. A nation’s economic well-being lies on its citizens’ plates. Let us start a culture of good health, now!

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