Unveiling the musical genius in the web tangle

Krishnendu Singha, or Krish as he is popularly known, is a web wiz with a past. He’s had – in fact, continues to be in – a passionate affair with his muse. This is an attraction that is all consuming, almost spiritual for him. For someone who is known for his prowess as the webmaster and the online marketing team lead at ValueLabs, his intense romance with music comes as a revelation.

Krish’s liaison with music started when he was a child, all of 3 years old, when his mother enrolled him in tabla classes. He then went on to learn playing the guitar – sometime in 1997 – from the Late Ashish Mukherjee, a legendary Lucknow-based guitarist. Krish fondly remembers how, as a young boy, he would shiver in the cold, wintry Lucknow mornings on his way to Mukherjee’s music classes.

It’s been a long and fulfilling journey for this talented musician since then – from training nearly 200 aspiring musicians, especially those keen on strumming the guitar, to playing the bass guitar, djembe, tumba and piano.

The cheery man says: “I started studying the language of music early on in life. Later, I naturally grew to be a rhythm musician. Today, I am essentially a bassist.” Adding to these thoughts, he says: “But interestingly, guitar is the only instrument which can play both melody and rhythm even as it can accompany any instrument in any genre of music.”

In the past, the feisty musician has shared the stage with established musicians such as Remo Fernandez and Keshav Iyengar as well as ace bands such as Indian Ocean and Sparsh. In Pune, he was part of Bhramm, a band that was active in the city’s performing circuits. In fact, the city holds a lot of his musical memories which he often recollects very fondly.

Recalling a performance, Krish says: “During a music fest at Pune’s famed Armed Forces Medical College, a band from Jaipur went on stage before us (Bhramm) and sang our number! The bass guitarist of the band complimented me publicly and tried to emulate the way I play on stage.” With a discernible timbre of pride in his voice, Krish says Brahmm has the distinction of having performed in almost all the metros in India. One of these was the ‘Battle of the Strings’ band competition that was held in Mumbai in 2011.

Today, Krish has settled down into a straightjacket corporate life but admits to missing the ‘good old days.’ He says that whenever he misses his carefree past, he watches YouTube videos of his performances with a sense of déjà vu. In Hyderabad, he plays for a band called Swing & String whenever he can and makes it a point to practice for at least an hour every day. The musician is looking forward to performing for the fifth time in the city.

Before we let you – our readers – go, we’d like you to know that our in-house musical talent is inspired by Rahul Ram, the bass guitarist from Indian Ocean. Krish opines talking about his musical idol: “Rahul communicates with his guitar; he has a rapport with it. He doesn’t just play it!” Krish also looks up to Grammy Award winner Victor Wooten and American progressive metal band, Dream Theater.

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