Xtreme Remote Working (XRW): The art of working #TogetherAnywhere

How digital can a company be? What all can an organization digitize? To what boundaries can you push the boons of technology? We, at ValueLabs, have successfully digitized “location”. Imagine a company so steeped in digitization that “location” of work is irrelevant to the outcomes we deliver as an organization. 22 years of working with a variety of customers, learning and creating future processes from their needs and requirements have landed us in a robust extreme remote working understanding.

And now, it’s not just working, but having our entire operations from seeking a client till we deliver successfully, is truly digital and location agnostic.

Here’s a look at how we do this:

Business Development and Sales: Our teams run outreach programs worldwide, for multiple geographies, sitting in one location. Our single location Agile sales team has imported the idea of Agile from software development into sales. Teams sitting remotely close multi-million dollar deals in geographies like US, EU, Australia & more.

Proposals, Bid defense & Contract Negotiations: Employing best in industry video conferencing tools and other communication technologies, our teams are available to discuss and negotiate from any part of the world.

Project Deliveries: This is where we get all our client recommendations from. With an industry leading client NPS score of 83, our clients tell us how thrilled they are with us. The magnitude of this achievement comes to the fore when we realize that we do all this with only a 2 % onshore presence even on key projects.

A few factors, which make this possible, are

  • Technology Expertise – Over 20 years of product development and understanding of technologies involved.
  • Our robust Program management expertise which enables us to get work done from anywhere with limited oversight..
  • Governance – Our Clients are able to track the productivity, impact and quality of delivery with our Objectives and Key results framework.

Being agile and constantly testing tools and methods of collaboration and work, we are able to push remote working to extreme.

Over the years, we have been able to build a culture of care and empathy towards work amongst our team members. This unique work culture along with the technology and processes gives us the confidence of eXtreme Remote Working (XRW).

Our culture repels the stereotypical notions of reduced productivity, increased response time, adverse effect on team bonding that might be the usual experience of remote work culture.

Readiness for Extreme remote working (XRW) model at ValueLabs has started paying off in many ways. At the core of our XRW model is:

Technology readiness: Critical technologies needed to eliminate the need for in-person-project management through real time collaboration and automation comes into play. ValueLabs is ahead of the curve when it comes to operational readiness in terms of technology i.e., making the systems ready before time than the environment so that the response time is less when need arises. Some steps taken well in advance are: ensuring seamless connectivity for all the employees, scalable VPNs to ensure security at any scale, backup plans to ensure business continuity (4G dongles for WIFI backup). The result – We were remote work ready in less than 10 days with 100% success rate!

Regular Check-ins: For creating an ideal work environment, businesses must always strike a balance between location leniency and adherence to established expectations. Picking up on the subtleties like voice inflection and body language to feel what employees aren’t saying is not so easy in remote environments. That’s where ValueLabs’ productivity monitoring metrics, collaboration tools and regular standups through videoconferences connecting onsite and offshore team members help greatly in seamless switching to remote working within no time.

Employee mindset: ESO leaders at ValueLabs are constantly in touch with team and project leaders on one hand and the working teams on the otherhand. They are forever anticipating work and environment needs. They are equipped to sound off teams to get ready for XRW before the requirements may arise. This has been tested time and again. Teams at ValueLabs are prepared beforehand with regular trainings to adapt to different work environments.

Our work culture is backed by a solid three-layered foundation of the ValueLabs Stack. As we evolve, we remain grounded to our values that define the very purpose of our existence.

Here we are as a mature start up with extreme remote working collaboration at a global scale.

Our work and our customer testimonials for over 22 years, demonstrate how we work as OneCompany® with common goals and a common purpose. That has resulted in building trust and respect with our clients. Hence, at a time when the world is getting acquainted with ‘Work from Home’, we are already a step ahead, ready with XRW. That is two decades of preparation with the idea of #TogetherAnywhere.

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