Gaps in OT Expose Pharmaceutical Companies to Ransomware

In this age of digital transformation, pharmaceutical organizations continue to evolve their IT infrastructure to achieve better business outcomes. Although Operational Technologies (OT) are also modernizing, the pace is not as fast as IT Infrastructure. It also means that OT-related vulnerabilities and threats are often overlooked by pharmaceutical organizations.

This paper’s objective is to analyze the root causes of high-profile ransomware attacks on pharmaceutical companies and why it is important to cover OT security as part of the overall enterprise security strategy. It presents a holistic, proactive approach to OT security covering architecture, continuous assurance, and proactive threat detection and response.p

Download the whitepaper to get deeper insights into:

1. Damage caused by high-profile ransomware attacks on pharmaceutical companies

2. Major initial attack vectors in successful ransomware attacks

3. Seamless enterprise security strategy covering IT and OT Security

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