Microservices Design Patterns

Microservices are self-contained and independent deployment modules. In Microservices, the application is divided into independent modules based on business domains. Microservices are designed based on Domain Driven Design (DDD), which says the application should be modeled around independent modules with bounded context for the specific business domain. As we now have independent modules, we have faster rollout and quicker release cycles. All the modules can be worked on in parallel, and any changes will only affect that specific module. Therefore, Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Delivery (CD) are key advantages of using Microservices architecture.

Download the whitepaper to get insights into:

  1. Detailed insight into Microservices Architectural Patterns
  2. How Microservices are designed & what all should be taken care.
  3. Also the brief of use cases when each of the pattern should be applied.
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