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Changing customer expectations, emerging technologies, disruptive market entrants, cost pressures, and constantly evolving compliance requirements. The global banking and financial services landscape is undergoing a large-scale digital transformation. ValueLabs is ensuring our clients across the sector are positioned to benefit from the opportunities this presents rather than getting left behind.

Today customers and businesses manage their finances from anywhere, and they expect companies to be able to always provide a seamless digital experience. To create responsive, omni-channel, and human-centric experiences, companies need to move past outdated legacy systems and implement digital solutions that enable agility while still ensuring the highest standards of data protection.

That is where ValueLabs comes in – combining deep domain expertise, cutting edge technology solutions and services, as well as customer centric business models to cover the entire banking and financial services industry ecosystem. We enable banks and financial services companies to keep up with their digital transformation strategies, thrive in the current economic environment, and also be future-ready.

Banking & Financial Services Consulting

Banking reimagined. Capabilities re-engineered.

For over two decades, ValueLabs has been working in the banking and financial services sector to solve challenges and fast-track digital transformation. We are pioneers in innovation to create industry-first solutions, which enable our clients to reinvent and reimagine business models, processes, products, and experiences to gain efficiency and create stronger relationships with customers. Working across the industry, from leading banks to disruptive fintechs, our clients benefit from our expertise in a range of ways:

• Comprehensive service suites addressing all aspects of core-banking transformation

• Customer journey solutions that create well-rounded customer experiences across multiple touchpoints

• RPA and Cognitive Automation offerings that empower clients with improved processes, performance, and profitability

• An established Testing Center of Excellence to address all facets of Quality Engineering and Digital Assurance.

• Solutions and project management for accelerated application modernization, Re-architecture, cloud adoption, and DevSecOps initiatives

The Banking Sectors we Serve

With so many younger, nimble, and disruptive market entrants, retail and commercial banks need to ensure they adapt to changing market dynamics and customer expectations. We offer a range of specialized IT services, including advisory and consulting, application development and modernization, product consulting and implementations services, as well as quality assurance and digital enablement.

When your business model is 100% digital you need to make sure your platform is capable of providing fast, secure, and stable experiences for your clients. We help companies optimize every part of their operations, from transactions to data management, and customer experience. We make sure that agility never comes at the cost of compliance.

Credit unions are finding efficiency in creating digital customer experiences, particularly when it comes to creating customer-orientated applications and cross-selling capabilities. Whether it is building and launching mobile platforms, automating manual tasks, or optimizing digital touchpoints, we can help credit unions not only meet changing member expectations but exceed them.

It’s hard to create industry-leading experiences and work with agility without the right technology and expertise on your side. Our framework driven product development services enable Fintechs and independent software vendors to build market-ready solutions, while our advisory and consulting services ensure their business models are rock solid and ready to scale. When it’s time to move up, our tools, solution accelerators and frameworks facilitate cycle-time reduction and enhance customer experience

Banking and Financial IT Services

Drive your banking transformation and find your new competitive edge, with state-of-the-art banking and financial capabilities.

For over two decades, we have been providing domain-led consulting and advisory services to the BFS sector across Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Cards & Payments, Investment Banking, and Risk & Compliance. We offer deep industry experience and insight as well as technology expertise to help companies get right to the heart of the challenges they face and develop tools, methodologies, accelerators, and strategies for overcoming them.

We provide end-to-end support for the entire product development process. We’ll walk you through everything from product evaluation to process alignments and requirements management. Our product development encompasses app development and takes potential upgrades into account, plus support and ongoing maintenance. Our approach to system integration ensures new products fit with your current setups, the potential need for any migrations and DevOps.

We help the banks succeed digitally by empowering them to reimagine their quality engineering (QE) processes. Our end-to-end quality assurance (QA) ecosystem utilizes intelligent automation and works across the entire product development lifecycle. We ensure quality in customer acquisition, customer management, internal operations, channels, and risk and compliance adherence. Our industry-leading approach is built on robust methodologies, tools, frameworks, strong processes, and domain understanding. We have also established a Testing Center of Excellence for many of our clients to enable them to drive innovation and best practices.

Make use of advanced analytics that offer cognitive automation, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and we can help you make informed decisions and better your operational efficiency. Our data and analytics techniques cover data management, quality, DWH/Mart/Lake, through to modernization, governance, and business intelligence. And with the best visualizations in place, reporting will come together much more smoothly, enabling your teams to plan and budget accordingly.

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