According to Forbes, more than 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the last 5 years and businesses have since prioritized on finding solutions that would assist them in gathering and converting this data into meaningful insights. To businesses, data insights have proven to be strategic in increasing their understanding of the forces shaping the markets, monitor how their customers are evolving, and help them stay ahead of their competitors.

A business’ ability to collect valuable information to drive their business strategy is at the heart of Business Intelligence. BI is not just about generating reports; it is an engine to make strategic and tactical business decisions, which directly influence the growth of your firm.

To understand how to effectively leverage BI solutions and stay ahead of the curve, join our panelists for an engaging discussion.

Juan Kanggrawan
Head of Data Analytics at
Jakarta Smart City
Seshadri Manivannan
Vice President | Chief Architect at
Tata Sky Ltd.
Kingsley Jones
Founding Partner/CIO at
Jevons Global
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