The Travel industry has always been at the leading edge of technology adoption, actively embracing new developments and digital platforms to take customer experience up a notch. While all platforms come with a bundle of opportunities, they also come with their own challenges. If you, too, wonder about being able to sustain and grow in this sector without major crashes or digital mishaps, this webinar is for you.

Today’s tech-savvy travelers constantly look for more accessible and convenient ways to interact with the industry, and a single glitch can ring the death knell for companies. As per McKinsey, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitization of customer experience by several years. To remain relevant, travel technology companies are often forced to release changes to production in less time than is advisable. This leads to a subsequent reduction in test cycles and higher risk, solely relying on automation test coverage.

In this webinar, we will do a deep dive into the role of Quality Engineering and how QE teams need to shift left, look right, and work towards continuous testing, and intelligent automation to enhance several areas, such as the ones below –

  • Strategy – Adopt initiatives to enhance org and user experience
  • Transformation – Enable a smooth transformation from QA to QE
  • Observability – Implement advanced QE approaches to keep ahead of the curve
  • Automation – Discover the role of intelligent AI/ML-driven solutions
  • Speed – Achieve quality at speed
  • Evolution – Address the expectations of quality engineers within the QE journey
Achieve speed to market

through our tailored strategies that QE teams can adopt
Deliver stable products

by employing intelligent automation appropriately
Learn QE transformation

and what components are key to its adoption
Sobia Feroze
Senior Manager – Enterprise Quality Assurance & Release Management
United Airlines
Dharmendra Velivela
SVP – Global Delivery
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