Enterprises need quality products in today’s fast-paced world, and are utilizing intelligent automation, predictive analytics and self-learning cognitive platforms to do so. As businesses digitally transform themselves, operations must keep up with the pace of change.

Enter Quality Engineering (QE) which ensures agility, operational excellence, and high product quality, thus enabling higher ROI. Under QE, quality maintenance does not end when the product is complete; instead, it becomes a part of its lifecycle.

The journey from QA to QE is an important one. By implementing test-automation initiatives, this transformation assures faster and continual releases, and eliminates silos.

By transitioning clients from QA to QE, we at ValueLabs empower our clients to execute faster business change, rapidly adopt emerging technologies, and enhance their customer experience. Quality engineering helps design an application with minimal scope for glitches, thus saving time, effort, and costs while providing superior customer satisfaction. Join our speakers as they discuss how enterprises can integrate quality engineering solutions to build the perfect product.

We are pleased to introduce our partner for this event – Everest Group. Everest Group has nearly 30 years of experience advising the Global 1000 with a unique combination of consulting and research capabilities. Through their expertise in Quality Engineering, Everest Group helps clients swiftly adapt to industry priorities through the adoption of sentient architecture, automation, and AI to increase visibility, efficiency, and control.

Join us and learn how we successfully helped our clients

  • Reduce automation execution time by 92%
  • Achieve 95% end-user satisfaction
  • Save up to 40% of their costs
  • Reduce partner onboarding time by 60%
  • Save over 59,000 hours through automation testing
Learn how you can integrate QE

within your organization and assess how ready your organization is for QE
Implement intelligent testing

with AI in Quality Engineering to accelerate and enhance your QA Practices
Decrease re-work costs

by detecting defects early in every stage of the SDLC
Divya Gubba
QE Enthusiast
Alisha Mittal
Practice Director
Everest Group
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