Salesforce Audio Podcast – LEXI

6th Jun, 2022

A summary of the podcast

Can you think of any CRM software that fulfills your every single need? The response to this question might not be in the affirmative. Salesforce, a leader in CRM, probably comes the closest but has its fair share of challenges that arise with the complexity of implementations.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Admins to maintain their Salesforce org due to varied limitations. Here is where a solution like ‘LEXI,’ the ValueLabs org – helper tool, comes into play.

LEXI is called the org – helper tool as it helps a Salesforce org function effectively. It is a tool that a Salesforce org can leverage to maintain and enhance all-new and pre-existing tasks effectively.

This tool automates important tasks and sends you timely reminders to perform maintenance tasks to keep your Salesforce org in an ideal condition. Join our panel of experts, Pranav and Ankita, as they discuss LEXI in detail.


Ankita Nagbhidkar

Senior Software Engineer


Pranav Reddy Kambam

Software Engineer


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