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Quality Engineering Services

The whole approach to quality has changed. It is no longer a standalone function within the overall business process.

Now it has to be embedded at every stage – integrated, continuous, and loaded with a suite of powerful technologies. For many businesses that doesn’t just mean elevated quality, but modern agility.

With ValueLabs’ six-dimensional model of quality engineering services, you’ll have access to cutting-edge technologies and best-in-class practices designed to cover every part of the design, implementation, and assurance process. That means an AI-led, agile approach to quality across the business, for enhanced speed, better productivity, and the delivery of fantastic user experiences.

Our approach to quality engineering

Supercharge success with quality engineering

Accelerate product releases, elevate levels of quality, and find new success in the digital world with an AI-led, agile driven approach. Cover all aspects of quality effortlessly, through quality engineering.

It’s time to move away from testing as a standalone function, and instead embed quality throughout every stage of the business process.

Through cutting-edge tech and best-in-class practices, you’ll discover more efficient ways of testing, enhanced speed and productivity, and superior confidence in quality.

Improve adaptability and speed

In today’s market, these are key areas for success. By implementing new types of continuous testing and leveraging data-driven automation you can fix issues as they arise and ensure data relevance.

Better performance and security

Functional testing is only one element of your testing. Through non-functional testing you have better visibility of performance and security, adding a vital layer of confidence to environments.

Enhance quality and productivity

AI is a huge driving force in business now and you can take full advantage of its strengths. AI-driven testing and risk-based testing will give you a comprehensive picture of your applications.

Measure ROI in real-time

Cutting-edge technology working away in the background is one thing, but with automation dashboards you’ll have comprehensive, accurate visuals that fuel the best decision making possible.

6 Dimensions of quality engineering

Dimension one enables the continuous delivery of software. It’s essential to ensure that your software is not just ‘fit for use’ but ‘fit for purpose’. In other words, available when it’s needed and capable of fulfilling your needs, and therefore supporting the continuous delivery lifecycle.

Businesses should never limit themselves to just functional testing, which is why this second dimension is equally important. As more software makes its way to the cloud, security, and performance can be the difference between success and failure. Our expertise in this field of testing ensures the user experience never suffers.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning allows for more intelligent testing. So, in dimension three, our automation frameworks include features such as self-healing scripts and risk-based testing which, in hand, increase productivity within testing teams, further allowing them to carry out more effective testing.

Dimension four is all about the test environment, which is as critical as having a good automation framework. With a good test environment and test data strategy, you can be sure that your application will work fine in production. Test results are consistent and you will be able to close the issues quickly.

Testing in isolation is great, but you also need to know if that testing actually aligns with real-world situations. Dimension five provides you with an end-to-end business-aligned testing suite designed to support your business more effectively. That could be anything from giving you the confidence to make rapid changes to reducing your go-to-market time.

Having a detailed view of your business is essential for success. As part of dimension six, we can create real-time dashboards and meaningful metrics for your management and operations teams. They’ll be provided with the visibility that’s critical to their function, enabling them to take effective decisions quickly, and with confidence.

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