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Our client relied on manual testing and manual data generation, causing developmental delays. At every new release, they had to go through complex commands since there was no central repository, which cost precious time.

  • The client manually created complex commands to generate unique user data during testing.
  • A full-time engineer (FTE) spent 30% of test generation time inputting these commands, which was costly and unproductive.
  • There was no repository to pull data from, so this process was started from scratch for each test.
  • A tool to automate the above-mentioned process of test data creation.
Our Solution

The client manually generated test data, which created bottlenecks in the testing process. We drafted a test automation framework that utilized an IA-based application to automate test data creation. Through our unique ‘VC in Us approach, we developed a user-friendly application from scratch instead of using existing tools and reduced spending.

Solution Impact

Simplified test data creation process

Reduced the process of test data creation from ten or more complex commands to two simple clicks


Reduction in the duration

For test data creation, down from two minutes to just 20 seconds

Increased testing capacity

At no additional cost using our Intelligent Automation services

Our Approach

When developing our software testing services for airlines, we began by analyzing the problems the client faced, both the ones they knew about and the ones they couldn’t see. We realized test automation would help, so we introduced automated quality software testing. We designed an in-house solution and developed a UI that almost anyone could use. This would ensure that quality engineering would be built into their development pipeline at the very beginning of the process.

Our Approach
Automated the data generation process with IA

Integrating intelligent automation solutions and QA in aviation app development had one clear advantage – we knew that most test data could be generated automatically since they included primary fields, such as names, flight numbers, etc. Having engineers manually create this data was time-consuming and expensive. We developed a bespoke IA-based application to generate this data in just two clicks. We used tools the client already had licenses for wherever possible to minimize expenditure and built the solution ourselves to retain budget-friendliness.

The intelligent process automation solution cut the time to create test data from an average of two minutes to around 20 seconds – a 95% reduction! Engineers can now create test data with two button clicks rather than a complicated process of writing 10 or more commands without additional licensing costs.

Automated the data generation process with IA
Kept it simple with intuitive UI

The client used a mainframe-based application to pass commands and generate test data, which was a very time-consuming process. The commands that needed to be passed for test data creation were also very complex and not user-friendly. Although the client had many qualified engineers, we understood they were not the only stakeholders who needed to get involved with quality software testing. Employees with less technical training needed to run tests and understand reports, too. We considered this as we designed the test data generator app. The app had an intuitive and accessible UI with dropdown fields and default values wherever possible, so the user need not undergo too many steps for test data creation.

Kept it simple with intuitive UI
Created central repositories to prevent redundant data generation

Creating test data was one of the biggest bottlenecks to QA efficiency for our client. Every time a new process needed to be tested, a test engineer had to find data to test it on. One drawback of the manual test data generation process was that repetitive data had to be regenerated from scratch for each test because there was no repository to store and pull regular data from.

With no central repository to pull the data from, engineers had to create it from scratch every time – a huge manual effort that took up 30% of the testing duration. We created a central repository for the client, so they could save even more time by pulling regularly required data wherever possible and entering new data themselves when required. This simple task greatly, and quickly improved the software quality engineering for this major name in the airline industry.

Created central repositories to prevent redundant data generation
Business Impact

Our test automation framework made lasting, deep impacts on the client’s development and testing processes. We simplified test data generation by automating primary fields, building a data repository for the intelligent automation platform to draw from, and building a user-friendly app for all kinds of employees. Furthermore, we leveraged existing licenses to keep costs down and pooled the credentials needed to access test data creation.

95% Reduction in data generation time

Simplified the process from 10+ complex commands to two button clicks

Increased testing capacity

Without creating additional costs by leveraging existing licenses when building the intelligent automation apps

Improved app access by pooling credentials

Since the app needed to be used by many employees with different levels of technological proficiency and access to corporate information

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