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Our client faced a constant challenge with a lack of service differentiation and new offerings. The existing legacy platform was built using classic ASP and faced scalability issues. They were on the lookout for a software modernization service provider who would help them provide a better user experience.

  • Modernize client-facing web platform and cloud services to support an ambitious growth strategy
  • Deliver valuable and differentiated digital services to attract new clients and improve loyalty
  • Rapidly integrate newly acquired businesses onto the core group technology platforms
  • Create a technology foundation for future growth, acquisitions, and diversification
Our Solution

Our primary goal was to help the client in the customer onboarding process and track the customer journey. The process involved modernizing legacy applications by enabling one-click updates for all their client compliance documents and replacing the existing platform with a SaaS-enabled platform using the Azure PaaS platform for scalability, efficiency, and user-friendliness.

Solution Impact

One-click update

Enabled for all end-client compliance documents

Created a foundation

For further business growth with a modern, highly scalable SaaS platform

Supported service differentiation

With new tools and modules for HR and health and safety management

Our Approach

We conducted a comprehensive enterprise architecture assessment and re-architected the legacy client-facing system as a highly scalable, secure, multi-tenant solution on Microsoft Azure. We followed it by developing new cloud services and modules for holiday management, absence management, E-learning, health and safety risk assessments, and more.

Our Approach
Modernize the legacy data and the corresponding system

We conducted a complete enterprise architecture assessment and based on our findings, we proposed and implemented a new architecture and governance model in line with the client’s business objectives.

Our enterprise application modernization approach required us to rebuild the platform and make it a highly scalable, multi-tenant SaaS solution on Microsoft Azure. The intuitive portal interface included secure single sign-on and migrated existing users onto the new platform and developed new modules for holidays, absence, E-learning, health and safety risk assessments, and many more. We enhanced platform security with strong authentication and identity management. The process automation reduced manual effort and customer onboarding time.

Modernize the legacy data and the corresponding system
Developed a multi-tenant cloud-based solution using multiple Azure services

We used Azure to build a secure multi-tenant cloud-based solution. Each tenant’s information is isolated and invisible to other tenants in such a system. Users get personal storage space for their projects and data. It indicates that even if they share the same computing resources, each cloud customer’s data is kept separate and secure.

We achieved legacy system migration for over 20,000 clients to the cloud platform. To achieve complete cloud application modernization, we used App Services to run client-facing and internal applications, a worker’s role in running service-level tasks in the background, and a Blob Storage to store documents. Additionally, we employed SQL Azure for the database and Redis Cache for data caching.

Developed a multi-tenant cloud-based solution using multiple Azure services
Built front-end and back-end client portal with a single secure sign-on

The intuitive front-end and back-end portal we built had easy access to documentation and services, employee management, E-learning, organization chart and documents, holiday and absence management, and a calendar. It also possessed health and safety tools like risk assessments, method statements, checklists, incident logs, site visit records, etc. Our efforts ensured that the end-client onboarding was straightforward, and so was managing their documentation and tracking their journey. We successfully moved our client’s monolithic platform to a modernized, scalable platform that could accommodate new and existing services for all end clients. The technology foundation created by our team could accommodate future growth, acquisitions, and diversification

Built front-end and back-end client portal with a single secure sign-on
Business Impact

We integrated newly acquired companies, re-architecting their services to make them available to clients through the platform. Because of our legacy modernization solution, today the platform supports 350,000 users and is scalable to support significant future growth.

Revamped the UX

with a modernized platform and new cloud services

Modernize legacy data

And the corresponding system

£2 million

Generated income in 9 months with a new, subscription-based E-learning offering

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