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The travel industry is advancing rapidly every day. Today, travel is not just limited to transporting goods and people from one place to another. The term is much broader, covering the aviation, travel, and tourism industries – accounting for 10 percent of global GDP. There is an endless opportunity for businesses in the travel industry to capitalize on their USPs and unlock tremendous potential.

Businesses today have the resources and opportunity to deliver truly personalized, seamless, integrated, digital, and data-driven experiences to their customers. The key to doing that is through a full-fledged travel transformation strategy.

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Smart Travel Solutions for Digital Transformation

ValueLabs has an overall experience of 15+ years of delivering IT solutions for the Travel industry. We have a long history of providing industry firsts that have helped our customers generate revenue and increase yield through domain expertise and digital tools. The team at ValueLabs can help you with product discovery, customer journey mapping, app re-engineering, development of booking engines and travel itineraries, creation of holiday packages using data analytics, etc. With a strategic partner behind your business, you can reduce cost, save time, unlock competitive advantage, drive revenue, and create personalized and memorable experiences for your customers.

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Leveraging the right technology is key to succeeding in today’s highly competitive industry, and customer experience is a key differentiator. Technology empowers airlines with new ways to improve all aspects of air travel and air transportation. Major carriers must take advantage of innovative new technologies, such as AI/ML, cloud, and mobile – to gain elasticity, agility, and efficiency.


ValueLabs has crafted a unique blend of services and solutions for the Airline Industry. We focus on delivering performance testing dashboards for unifying data, deriving insights, and enhancing testing processes. We provide solutions on airline core IT modernization, data platforms, passenger service systems, and increased operational efficiency by automating most back-office operations.

Airports are handling increasingly complex operational challenges that are being met with exciting innovation across both business and technology. Smart digital investments demonstrate an attractive business case for airports, offering the potential to increase revenue and reduce costs. Digital transformation at airports leverages technology solutions such as indoor geolocation, identity management, passenger flow management, data mining, artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet of things (IoT) to improve safety and security, and streamline their business and operations.

Cruises continue to remain one of the most popular vacation options worldwide. As the world continues to gradually open for travel, leaders in the cruise industry are looking to leverage the next wave of travel technology to improve passenger experiences. Technology can ensure faster embarkation and debarkation leveraging on-board safety and security tools, while centralizing data management, amenities, packages, activity scheduling, and sales. IoT technology, artificial intelligence, and connected devices are solutions that are driving growth in cruise lines.

The ports industry faces various emerging challenges, including growing freight traffic, increasing pressure to address environmental concerns, operational challenges, and pandemic-induced disruption. The global emergence of third-generation ports with large-scale containerization has witnessed ports leveraging technology for cargo traceability and operational efficiency, reducing turnaround time and shoring up the bottom line. To overcome these challenges, port operators are increasingly turning to technology. Six different technologies are emerging as critical enablers of operational efficiency and insight that are – internet of things (IoT), blockchain technology, drones, high bay storage (HBS) system, data and analytics applications, and digital exchange platforms.

The metro rail system has proven to be the most efficient, offering lower energy consumption, improved space utilization, and ability to transport masses. By embracing digitalization in all its operations such as asset management, signalling, manufacturing, and passenger information system — metro railways are on track to improve revenue as well as passenger experience. The industry is driven by emerging digital technologies such as 5G, big data, IoT, automation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. It is hard to overstate the impact of digitization on the railway sector.

In the world of digital transformation, car rental facilitators should opt for technology such as AI for vehicle inspections and computer vision. AI can also help with sustainability, track damages, and calculate repair costs, leading to transparency and economical maintenance processes.

Fleet management connectivity comprises the information we gather from vehicles, including telemetry and AI, to improve safety, tracking, monitoring, compliance, and security. All these come together as critical components of fleet management solutions. Fleet management efficiency has improved significantly by implementing GPS tracking systems, geofencing technology, and real-time tracking. Futuristic technologies such as 5G networks, mobility-as-a-service, and vehicle automation, are poised to take fleet management to a new level. Telematics and the internet of things (IoT) are highly intertwined with fleet-management systems.

Travel Technology Services

Get everything you need out of your travel transformation strategy with our innovative and holistic travel tech solutions and capabilities

Your systems and platforms are crucial to success in the travel industry. For customers, simplified booking and personalized experiences drive satisfaction and return business. We can help you develop anything from booking platforms, search engines, traveler communication systems, security alerts, and platforms for real-time ticket reservations – all uniquely tailored to your needs.

Get ready for upscaled performance with testing of the highest quality. We ensure everything is operating as it should be – including performance, security, integrations, regression, and end-to-end automation for test processes across the testing lifecycle. Our approach ensures quality factors in at all stages of your systems & processes, for seamless functionality.

In an industry as global as travel, Cloud strategy plays a huge role in a firm’s success. We can help you transform from monolithic setups to a microservices architecture, implement end-to-end IT infrastructure monitoring, and assist with problem detection and resolution services. By harnessing the power of the Cloud, your business can tap into a new world of global possibilities.

At all levels of business transformation needs, consultative growth becomes a critical element of the process and can help you understand what you need to do and why. Our services include information management consulting with MVP, customer journey mapping, architecture design, product elevation, and feature comparison to product recommendations that are right for your business and will transform your customer experience.

We can handle all your integration needs, so you’re up-to-speed with the industry and deliver connected digital experiences, seamlessly. We can help integrate with GDS such as Sabre, Amadeus, Pegasus, and other third-party APIs. We can also implement payment gateway integrations with all central banks, and integrate thematic holiday destinations and event management solution providers (based on your location).

We’ve transformed legacy systems across the industry with a user-centric approach that brings together the user and travel experience at an enterprise level. We simplify travel booking workflows with data-driven design decisions and strategically use dashboards to handle data metrics. To ensure the experience is fully optimized for travelers, our designs focus on visual hierarchy, intuitive form fields, use of non-technical vocabulary, and more.

At ValueLabs, the goal is to help businesses provide an enhanced customer experience. We can help you drive loyalty to your business by offering a mobile center of excellence, IoT-based solutions, chatbot implementation for real-time travel information, and mobile-based alerts for status updates, offers, campaigns, memberships, etc.

ValueLabs helps make informed and data-driven decisions with the help of our data and analytics services. These services include campaign analytics, profiling, customer segmentation, tracking, analytical decision support, enabled cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, BI dashboards and reports, and conversion of data into insights.

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