Media and Entertainment

Our Media, Entertainment and Education (MEE) practice helps companies attract, win and retain consumers at an optimum cost in a highly competitive, multichannel world. We bring innovative, revenue-generating solutions and services to the market through our reusable and ready-to-integrate components, while keeping pace with changing consumer behavior. As your ‘Partner of Choice,’ we assist customers in transforming the Digital Content Value Chain.

The MEE industry is experiencing exponential and significant changes. Transformation is being driven primarily by changing consumer behaviors, evolution of new channels, and emerging technologies. Today, digitization is redefining customer experience and engagement methods, Big Data and Analytics is helping in hyper-personalization of products, services and content, Cloud is enabling 24×7 availability of services and content on any platform and device, Mobility is helping in making content available on handheld devices anywhere, and Social Media is helping bring about collaboration, innovation and improvement.

Media, Entertainment & Education industry now needs to reinvent and enhance their products and services like never before. New markets are being created, new ecosystems are being formed, and new business models are evolving as companies focus on innovation to differentiate their products and services or to reach out to masses like never before. While doing so, the need to understand customer choices, viewing behavior, learning patterns or content consumption patterns is highest on the radar for any CMO. Emerging technologies coupled with business imperatives are at the center stage of this transformation and ValueLabs’ MEE practice specifically focuses on these challenges.

At ValueLabs, MEE is one of our focused verticals. Our vision is to be the ‘Partner of Choice’ for our customers in this sector, and assist them in their journey towards transforming the Digital Content Value Chain. We provide the entire range of services that our clients need to create, manage, transform, package and deliver content. We have invested in frameworks and solutions that address these challenges. .

Through our 17 years in this industry, we have engaged extensively in product engineering, application development, operations and platform sustenance for our customers. Our association with some of the leading thought leaders in the studios and broadcasting, education and learning, publishing and information services, new media, advertisement and gaming segments, over 25 active clients, and more than 500 domain technology specialists have together contributed towards making us a well-acknowledged name in the industry.

Services portfolio

  • Core services
    • Product Engineering
    • Application Development
    • System Integration
    • Application Support and Maintenance
    • Application and Platform Operations
    • Infrastructure Management Services
    • DevOps
    • Cloud readiness and migration
    • Legacy Modernization
    • Consulting Services
    • Quality Assurance Services
    • Digital Marketing Services
  • Specialized services
    • Managed information services: Hosted, digital platform-driven managed services for digital journals and references
    • Managed implementation services: Digital integration framework-driven managed services for media ISVs to accelerate time-to-market
    • Content TCO: The Content TCO Framework helps optimize the cost of managing applications through modernization, Cloud adoption and application rationalization
    • Media platform development services: A MVP framework for agile platform development through business benefit-linked product roadmap prioritization
    • Mobile adoption and Certification services: Mobile client porting, verification and validation and device certification services
    • Media incubation cell: Our investment in new media concepts, technology research and business solutions

Segments we serve:

  • Studios and Broadcast
    • Set-top box related developments, Digital Video Broadcast (DVB), EPG, SmartTV solutions
    • Media asset management, Workflow management
    • Pre-production systems, Production and post production platforms, Broadcast operations platforms
    • CAS, Transcoding, Encoding, Encryption, DRM
    • Media Streaming Server, Content packaging and delivery
    • OTT solutions, VoD platforms, Subscription and Entitlement Management
    • Mobile First screen experience, Second screen experience, Interactive TV solutions
    • Rights management, Royalties, AD monetization
  • Print and Publishing:
    • Newspaper and magazine editorial systems, Journal systems, References management platforms
    • Online platforms, CMS platforms, Content packaging and publishing, Online publishing platforms
    • eBook publication platforms, Content publishing platforms, Industry standard XML editors
  • Education and Learning:
    • eLearning systems for corporates, educational institutes, virtual schools, universities
    • Student admission system, University management solutions, Scholarship management systems, eCommerce solutions, CMS platforms
    • Course builder, Learning content management systems, Content authoring and curation systems, Workflows and approvals, Content packaging and publishing
    • Analytics services such as churn analysis, adaptive learning, dynamic assessment, reporting and BI
    • Web conferencing and live training, School operations systems
  • BIS and Marketing database:
    • Big Data platforms, Analytics engine
    • Survey platforms, Packaging platforms, Distribution platforms
  • Gaming:
    • Game development for mobile (IOS, Android), web and STB
    • Legacy modernization, Games migration, Cloud adoption
    • Social media integration, Loyalty management – BI and analytics, Customer retention, Rewards and recognition
    • eSports, DFS
  • Advertisement and new media:
    • Media buying and selling platforms, OOH hoarding marketplace, Digital signage solutions
    • Campaign management solutions, Media campaigns and delivery, Mobile advertisement and AD exchange services, Advertisement API frameworks
    • Advanced analytics, Contextual advertisement, AD exchange
    • Online portals, eCommerce portals, CMS platforms

Solutions and IPs

  • Studios and Broadcast
    • SmartTV HDMI Dongle
    • Onyx Interactive and Publisher
    • Digital signage
    • Digital media delivery platform
    • Smart Integrator
    • Set-top box Automation Framework
  • Print and Publishing:
    • Digital packaging and Publishing platform
    • Online journal system
    • Editorial platform
  • Education and Learning:
    • University In a Box
    • Smart Analytics
    • Knowledge base platform
    • Q&A Bank
    • Social learning platform
    • Content validator
    • iContent

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