Axonius Partnership Overview

With the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform, we help organizations gain a comprehensive asset inventory, uncover security solution coverage gaps, and validate and enforce security policies. Our team of experts seamlessly integrate your systems with over 400 security and management solutions, immediately improving your cyber hygiene.

Our Axonius Capabilities

Have a unified view of any connected asset in your environment without invasive network scanning, manual effort, or the complexity of traditional tools – leaving no unknown gaps in security

Reduce your risk and feel confident in your security coverage by easily identifying and eliminating coverage gaps for at-risk assets

Put corrective response actions for devices, cloud assets, and users on autopilot, to automatically address assets that don’t adhere to your security policies

Connect to the cloud platforms you’re using to map the state of your cloud instances against industry standards and benchmarks, and identify issues of non-compliance – automatically closing security control gaps

By aggregating, normalizing, and de-duplicating data from IT and security solutions, get full visibility of the external and internal attack surface to improve security control coverage and trigger custom, automated response actions

Operate your Axonius platform more efficiently and securely, integrating with all new platforms introduced within the organization

Client Success Stories

Talk to a member of our team about your business, your goals, and how we can help.

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