IT infrastructure has become highly diverse and dynamic —many IT and security teams now face increased complexity and challenges. Hybrid work is here to stay, and digital transformation initiatives have accelerated the adoption of modern cloud operating models. They have, however, blinded IT and security teams to personal networks, instances, and devices that power today’s workforce.

Cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) is an emerging technology area, cited in the most recent Gartner Hype Cycle report for Network Security. CAASM solutions aim to solve the asset visibility challenge and enable IT and security teams to gain confidence in the efficacy of their security coverage and posture.

In collaboration with Axonius, a fast-rising leader in the Cybersecurity Asset Management area, we welcome you to join our webinar on Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management to know more about CAASM and drive the below outcomes:

  • An up-to-date inventory with vulnerability information
  • The assurance that there are no unsecured devices on the network
  • Continuous Control Monitoring to make sure potential issues are resolved pre-emptively
  • Continuous Compliance Monitoring for timely course-correction and security
  • Intelligence-led, automated incident response to isolate and remediate issues on the assets
  • Automated and hassle-free security policy enforcement to achieve 100% compliance
Equip a single source of truth

to record all assets and maintain infrastructure
Learn to uncover attack surface information

with the ability to review complex data through CAASM
Enable automated and continuous audits

to enforce a regulatory framework
Ronald Eddings
Cybersecurity Expert
Udit Saxena
Head of Cybersecurity Practice
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