Tuner: Keep Salesforce Org’s performance & security in check

Did you know Salesforce is the world’s largest CRM platform and caters to over 150,000 businesses globally?

It primarily helps to integrate Sales, Marketing, Commerce, Services, and IT teams, enabling them to work as one and provide top-notch customer service. Salesforce allows you to use OOB components and customizations to develop features that provide great customer experience and improve the ROI for your Sales teams.

Salesforce provides a secure environment for your applications to perform. At the heart of these features and applications is the Salesforce Org. But as the org grows older, customizations, inaccurate design patterns, and quick fixes keep taking a toll on the org and lead to performance degradation. Further, they do not allow additional features to be added, which automatically creates a bad user experience and a drop in ROI. According to a market study, 37% of users do not even use the salesforce system due to its bad performance.

What can companies do to overcome this pitfall?

what can companies do to overcome this pitfall

Step 1: Analyze the Org

  • Check the vitals: Here our team of Salesforce experts will conduct primary checks on your org like running a Salesforce health check, identifying key pain points (field limits, sharing rule limits, improper permissions, etc.), checking the license allocations and usage.
  • Scan for issues: We then generate reports on user logins, check the integration logs, perform code scans, review security standards, review existing reports, etc.
  • Check for performance degradation: Here we check the integrations, scan objects for data quality issues, check data archival strategies in place, check the daily jobs, etc.

Step 2: Identify the problem

  • In this step, we evaluate the reports, identify the significant areas of concern, and develop solutions working with Salesforce, your consulting partner, and the architects in your team.

Step 3: Define the plan of action

  • Here we come up with the best solutions, which would fix these problems. Our team of Salesforce experts would vet these solutions and rank them based on priority and complexity.
  • Further, we define how to implement these solutions, keeping long-term and short-term goals in mind.

Step 4: Execute

  • We then execute the plan from the previous phase and ensure the org is back in shape.

This requires Salesforce experts experienced in large-scale implementations with extensive knowledge in design patterns, integration patterns, etc. Our team at ValueLabs can help you with this, and our certified experts will help bring your org back into shape. We have a dedicated team of over 100 Salesforce professionals who work on org optimizations and performance improvements.

If you are looking for customized Salesforce services, consultation & products, get in touch, and team ValueLabs will help you find what you are looking for, and more. If you are facing challenges in your Salesforce journey, consult with our team of certified Salesforce experts who will enable you to make the most of your investment.


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