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Discover new efficiencies and deliver outstanding customer experiences with operating models driven by intelligence.

Back office operations form the backbone of a business. And yet, many of these operations aren’t run as efficiently – or with as much intelligence – as they could be.

Over the past 20 years, ValueLabs’ BPO services have helped clients reimagine their back office processes. Using an optimal mix of people, processes, and innovative technology like Natural Language Processing (NLP), we reinvent operating models to reduce manual effort and drive growth.

But none of our BPO services are one-size-fits-all. We take your lead, gaining a 360-degree knowledge of your process and working business-as-usual alongside your team. With a solid understanding of how you function, we’ll then look for ways to unlock new efficiencies and cost savings, by fusing automation and intelligence into your process.

Our Approach to BPO

Reimagine BPO services. Unlock new efficiencies and cost optimizations

Your back office operations are the backbone of your business. However, many BPO services are repetitive and rules-based. That means you could easily hand them off to someone else – and free your business up to focus on higher value work. That’s where we come in.

ValueLabs offers a full range of BPO services. And we believe in building operating models driven by intelligence – helping you discover new efficiencies and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Deploy the right resources

With a 360-degree view of your business strategy we identify and train a team to start delivering, working in conjunction with your onsite team.

Review process to increase ROI

We review the entire process, and create an automation strategy to increase efficiency and cost optimization.

Automate business processes

We bring in automation and develop a process, which is easy to operate and user-friendly.

Reduce business infrastructure and effort

We help reduce your manual effort, improve customer onboarding rates and deliver hyper-relevant customer experiences by leveraging cognitive automation to automate configuration and data validation.

Our BPO and KPO Capabilities

We offer 24/7 handling of inbound and outbound calls to and from your customers, in both technical and non-technical areas.

Our call center agents also offer 24/7 chat and email support. After understanding the type of customer contacts over time, we’ll bring in automation wherever possible, unlocking efficiencies through bot, artificial intelligence and NLP.

Outsource the review and analysis of your customer claims to someone you can trust to follow your standard operating procedure. While we execute these processes manually to begin with, we’ll evaluate the processes for automation opportunities and deliver efficiencies through NLP, cognitive extractor, and other tools.

We can work with your teams to collect, capture and translate business-critical data into actionable information. We’ll work within your existing frameworks, before suggesting an automation strategy and technologies to increase speed, accuracy and precision.

This is a vital part of R&D – but also the most time consuming. You can trust our team to run in-depth research and analysis in specific fields, following your processes but taking the task off your desk. We’ll also develop a plan for introducing intelligence and automation into your approach, through automated survey scripting and data visualization.

Our team can run your IT helpdesk 24/7, managing calls and ticketing. We can also support you with identity access management solutions, including the onboarding of new employees. And if there’s a way to optimize your process through automation, we’ll help you discover it.

From candidate screening to payroll and employee onboarding, we can handle the process-driven side of HR, leaving you to focus on developing your workforce. We’ll also demonstrate how tools like AI can unlock new efficiencies and cost savings in your process.

Hand your rules-based sales processes over to us. We can help you clean and manage data around prospective clients, ensuring you pursue the right leads at the right time to maximize conversion. From tracking and reporting to pre-sales presentations and proposals, we’ll help you do the groundwork – and look for ways to optimize it through intelligent automation.

Contracts, terms and conditions, and other standard legal materials can be tedious to prepare and review for each project. That’s why we’ll do it for you. After following your processes, we’ll also propose a strategy for using automation technologies like cognitive extraction to bring accuracy and precisions to the fore, while lowering operating costs.

We can introduce RPA into almost every rule-based, repetitive back office operation to drive efficiencies. We use RPA to unlock cost savings, improved customer experiences, new revenue streams, flexibility, and scalability.

Our BPO services team can help automate your data entry processes. Not only will this save significant time and costs, but it will also improve the accuracy and quality of your data in the short and long term – helping you make more informed decisions and deliver a better customer experience.

We can automate the extraction of data from business-critical documents, helping you capture and validate data in seconds. We’ll save you precious time, while never missing an inaccuracy or red flag.

Every industry has its own back office operations, and every business has its own way of doing things. But we believe there is always a process that can be made better through digitization and automation. Got a unique challenge you need solved? We can help build any new program according to your needs.

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