Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) & Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

Reimagine your back-office processes.

Back-office operations form the backbone of a business. And yet, many of these operations aren’t run as efficiently – or with as much intelligence – as they could be.

Over the past 25 years, ValueLabs’ BPO support services have helped clients reimagine their back-office processes. Using an optimal mix of people, processes, and innovative BPO technology like Natural Language Processing (NLP), we reinvent operating models to reduce manual effort and drive growth.

But none of our BPO and KPO services are one-size-fits-all. We take your lead, gaining a 360-degree knowledge of your process and working on the business as usual alongside your team. With a solid understanding of how you function, we’ll look for ways to unlock new efficiencies and cost savings, by fusing automation and intelligence into your process.

Iron Man Suit for Employees

Our teams are able to design and deliver code faster and with superior quality, across multiple languages and technology frameworks with AiDE SDLC™.

Our BPO & KPO Capabilities

Stay in touch without having to stay on the phone. As business process outsourcing service providers, we can handle inbound and outbound calls to and from your customers in both technical and non-technical areas, so your customers can reach you whenever they need you.

Our call center agents offer 24/7 chat and email support as part of our BPO service offerings. Once we understand your customers’ needs, we’ll bring in automation wherever possible, unlocking efficiencies through bots, artificial intelligence, and NLP.

Revamp your BPO capabilities by outsourcing the review and analysis of your customer claims to someone you can trust to follow your standard operating procedure. While we execute these processes manually, to begin with, we’ll evaluate the processes for automation opportunities and deliver efficiencies through NLP, cognitive extractor, and other tools.

Transform business-critical data into actionable information. We work within your existing frameworks before we suggest changes, so you only get the technology and the necessary BPO solutions – to increase speed, accuracy, and precision.

Save time during R&D with our research and analysis services. We carefully observe your processes and then develop a plan for introducing intelligence and automation into BPO & KPO solutions through automated survey scripting and data visualization.

Be available whenever your clients need you. We can run your IT helpdesk 24/7 and provide identity access management solutions, including onboarding new employees. If there’s a way to automate your processes, we’ll find it.

Focus on finding the right person for the role. We take on the process-driven side of HR, from candidate screening to payroll and employee onboarding. We can also unlock new efficiencies and cost savings with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Unshackle your sales team from rules-based processes. We utilize prospective clients’ data, ensuring you pursue the right leads to maximize conversion. We use intelligent automation to optimize everything from tracking and reporting to pre-sales presentations and proposals.

Drive greater efficiency for your KPO solutions. We can use intelligent automation to make things faster and cheaper if you have a rule-based, repetitive back-office operation.

Manual data entry can be cumbersome, so rely on us to automate the process. Save time and money while improving data quality and accuracy. Use this data to make more informed decisions and deliver a better customer experience.

Capture and validate data in seconds with automated data extraction from business-critical documents for your business. You can save precious time and be rest assured that you have detected every inaccuracy and red flag possible, strengthening your KPO and BPO capabilities.

Stay true to your business’ unique perspective, even when you automate. While there’s always some process that can benefit from digitization and automation, we believe your business’s individual needs should always come first. With ValueLabs, rest assured of customized BPO and KPO solutions.

Our BPO & KPO Approach

Reimagine BPO and KPO services. Unlock new efficiencies and cost optimizations.

Your back-office operations are the backbone of your business. However, many BPO IT services are repetitive and rules-based. That means you could easily hand them off to someone else – and free your business up to focus on higher-value work. That’s where we come in.

ValueLabs offers a full range of BPO services. And we believe in building operating models driven by intelligence – helping you discover new efficiencies and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Our BPO & KPO Approach

Arriving at our BPO/KPO solution begins with thoroughly analyzing your pain points and gauging your business goals and requirements. We then deploy the right resources in conjunction with your onsite team and review performance regularly. In an attempt to reduce manual interference and improve the customer onboarding experience, we also introduce automation wherever deems fit.

BPO & KPO, respectively mean business process and knowledge process outsourcing. The objective is to streamline repetitive jobs and improve efficiency.

When we take on a BPO/KPO project, we seek to find the best balance between manual and automated operations.

This is very interesting because many people don’t even realize they can benefit from automation in this area. A major part of our work is to introduce customers to the multiple opportunities in this sector.

A manual process like data entry, which is time-taking and can result in mistakes, can be automated, and when it is, those risks are eliminated.

While every client and every process is different, we know how to apply our knowledge of automation to every situation.

The DFW framework facilitates the latest and most sustainable business practices. That forms the core of each of our BPO/KPO projects.
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