Customized Infrastructure Engineering Solutions

Unlock higher performance, supercharge new business models, and modernize your business with IT infrastructure solutions from ValueLabs.

Businesses in every industry face the challenge of accommodating new workload and integrating cloud and on-premises infrastructure without having the additional workforce needed to manage it. Intelligent infrastructure engineering seamlessly integrates your technology and uses advanced automation and analytics to improve quality, lower cost, and empower better decision-making.

With IT infrastructure consulting services, you can unlock the agility and intelligence you need to compete and move forward. ValueLabs’ experts as part of your team, you’ll reduce app downtime through responsive monitoring, incorporate industry best practices for services and underlying service management processes, and refine tools and services through ITSM and GRC practices. You’ll create flexible hybrid solutions and realign your technology environment from the ground up.

Iron Man Suit for Employees

Our teams are able to design and deliver code faster and with superior quality, across multiple languages and technology frameworks with AiDE SDLC™.

Our Infrastructure Engineering Services (IES) Capabilities

Supercharge your business’s performance with Infrastructure Engineering Services. Seamlessly integrate your existing technology with intelligent automation and advanced analytics solutions to modernize your business and unlock higher performance.

Achieve complete infrastructure visibility with a team that constantly monitors your IT infrastructure solutions around the clock and handles any issues that arise. This includes raising tickets for issues identified through IT infrastructure and application monitoring, managing major incidents, providing follow-up reports, and conducting root-cause analysis. The team also manages the incident response team during critical issues and takes charge of major incident management.

Ensure you have efficient and readily available technical support. As an IT infrastructure company, we have a dedicated team that manages the IT helpdesk through a ticketing system, handling all requests and incidents according to priority levels. Additionally, back-office operations and technical support handle user provisioning through identity access management solutions and protocols, including the creation of user accounts and remote support.

Benefit from a team of integration service specialists that focuses on managing technologies like Microsoft Active Directory, AZURE AD, ADFS, PKI, and LastPass and handles escalated support tickets from the Level 1 team.

The Infra management team maintains the IT infrastructure through routine operations and handles daily tickets from end-users, application owners, and alerts generated by monitoring tools. They also perform regular maintenance tasks such as patch management, bug fixes, vulnerability mitigation, and upgrades, all while adhering to agreed-upon SLAs and KPIs.

Looking to implement new systems, migrate, or do a major upgrade? Our IT infrastructure consulting experts can evaluate your IT infrastructure and provide necessary planning and design for such activities. This includes services such as cloud and hybrid cloud implementation, hyperconverged solution implementation, and workload migrations.

Alongside the back-office support services, we offer a full array of IT infrastructure support including handling operating system and hardware issues. That means we carry out OS patching for end-user machines, desktop computers, and laptops and also handle OS deployments remotely – seamless support for your teams wherever they are and whenever they need it.

Take advantage of full support for IaaS in the cloud. Our cloud infrastructure services include workload management, monitoring and performance, identity management, networking, and service improvements and automation as part of our cloud infrastructure services. Everything your business needs end-to-end for full business balance and smooth operation.

Benefit from constructing an optimal SIAM model using our accelerators during the implementation and integration of multiple vendors, through automation and tool optimization. Achieve a unified view and ease of management, and ensure that the desired GRC and CSI outcomes are reached.

Our Approach to Agile Infrastructure Management

When your business needs are 24/7, having a process-driven approach and realigning your technology systems can pave the way to world-class results.

Create an agile, intelligent IT infrastructure support system that provides the performance you need in today’s cloud-based world. It’s time to unleash the full potential of your business foundations. Whether that be through better monitoring and improving your infrastructure availability or the addition of a hybrid solution, we can help you empower your business.

Leverage our technical expertise needed for superior IT infrastructure management, and realign your technology environment for a new and innovative future.

Our Approach to Agile Infrastructure Management

We provide end-to-end IT infrastructure support and serve as strategic partners for our clients.

Many businesses are switching from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud to facilitate more remote working. However, we prioritize your business goals and requirements to arrive at a solution that’s a perfect fit for your company.

Every project has two key stakeholders: our customer and our employees. With our OneCompany® approach, we treat your business goals as ours leading to a team that is perfectly synchronized with your objectives.

In the ValueLabs Stack, the value layer, the business model layer, and the innovation layer combine to ensure that we go above and beyond in every aspect of every project.

We begin by analyzing the client’s IT landscape to estimate the required support level. Our 24/7 teams handle incident management seamlessly, keeping stakeholders informed. We then tailor solutions aligned with your business goals for world-class results.

We ensure that our L1 team is thorough with process management so that we can use tools or technology best suited for the specific project/task.

We often integrate with the development team and use their processes, KPIs, and documentation. Other times, we may use our processes and documentation, but we ensure the end customer gets a seamless service.

At the highest level, we look at application stability, the number and clarity of tickets raised, and the number of employees required to monitor and manage the application.

Since our IES projects are operations-intensive, our clients notice how stringent we are with processes for each IT infrastructure service offering.
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