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The client’s vast user base is spread across the globe. They wanted an optimized and smooth implementation timeline and to provide high-quality and efficient services to their end clients for a longer term.

  • The client was looking to build a long-term partnership with their end clients.
  • They wanted an intelligent automation platform to manage employee benefit plans while integrating with the existing HR and payroll systems.
  • Product releases were slow, and delivery was inefficient.
  • They lacked support for several critical development phases.
Our Solution

The client’s primary objective was to onboard customers to the benefits products. They wanted a portal for managing benefits, integrating with the HR and Payroll system, and establishing carrier file and payroll interfaces. We became an extension of the client, working directly with customers to develop, configure, test, and deliver unique implementations.

Solution Impact


Automation framework

Reducing overall manual efforts



By cross-training different implementation roles



Of on-time implementations

Our Approach

We deployed a team with diverse skill sets for each implementation cycle and followed the implementation methodology for seamless delivery. We also adopted new configuration, validation, and data security tools to enforce quality and security guidelines. Our team ensured a smooth transition to the ongoing service team post-implementation.

Our Approach
Become a seamless extension of the client

As an onboarding partner, the client trusted us to help them build excellent relationships with end customers to ensure they continued using the service long-term. Envisioning this positive user experience rested on our customized automation solution. The solution contained multiple frameworks with test, robotic, and process segments to ensure on-time and high-quality client implementations. Once done, our efforts ensured a smooth transition to the ongoing service team.

We were brought in as an intelligent automation technology partner to streamline and modernize processes as part of a broader digital transformation initiative. And we were able to deliver way more than the usual ask. More than a vendor, we’ve now become an extension of the team. In continuation with our OneCompany® model, we cemented our credibility, which led a one-time project to become a long-standing partnership.

Become a seamless extension of the client
Automated custom framework for faster delivery

Intelligent process automation simplified the implementation process, reduced human errors, and ensured quick onboarding and delivery. We streamlined the initial configuration with robotic pick and place automation. Thus, we could reduce 70-80 manual hours per implementation. Intelligent automation services saved 90-100 manual hours per implementation for end-user functional and end-to-end testing.

Our intelligent automation consulting services also reduced manual effort throughout the phases by 75% with process automation templatizing and classifying tasks. Time savings across the entire timeline ensured optimal efficiency. Benefits implementations were up and running sooner, and the client saw more implementations delivered in the same time frame.

Automated custom framework for faster delivery
Cross-trained to reduce deployment and delivery time

Despite automating several complicated processes, we needed to deploy full strength for the ongoing task to meet a successful end. We built a specialist team to deliver every implementation seamlessly. We further enabled cross-training that reduced handoff time and established vital best practices. Our efforts reduced the implemented timeline to 14 to 16 weeks rather than the standard 18 to 22 weeks.

To date, we have supported implementation for ~95 end clients. All those were delivered on time and transitioned successfully to the client’s ongoing services team. Every customer has responded positively to the implementation process with received good testimonials as part of the surveys.

Cross-trained to reduce deployment and delivery time
Business Impact

Having supported almost 100 end customers, while ensuring smooth and on-time transition, we were able to enhance customer satisfaction and retention for our client’s end-users


Deployment and delivery time


Reduction in manual efforts through process automation

14-16 weeks

Reduction in the duration for implementation

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