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Since 1949, our client has established itself as a global provider of cloud-based human capital management solutions. Their client base, spread across 140 countries, expected unique instant configurations to set up and service. New users regularly implemented their HR and payroll products, while existing users required continuous support. Hence, our client wanted to increase their configuration management capacity adequately, while reducing the time and cost of implementation.

  • The client had an extensive client base spanning 140 countries.
  • They were processing paychecks for one in every six employees.
  • The client’s team spent manual hours managing customer configuration, increasing implementation time and cost.
  • They lacked the skills and resource capacity to manage multitudes of unique client configurations.
Our Solution

We streamlined and modernized processes as part of a broader digital transformation initiative. Our team successfully delivered well within the time and budget constraints of our client and its customers. Going above and beyond our responsibilities, we became an extension of the client’s core team, adhering to our OneCompany® spirit. We delivered efficient solutions that drove growth, complied with regulations, and ensured complete satisfaction for the client and their end-users.

  • Developed a long-term partnership adding new users to the benefits platforms
  • Utilized automation to reduce configuration and testing time, and manual effort by hundreds of hours
  • Supported implementations of the Total Absence Management (TAM) system
Solution Impact


Implementation attained

On time or earlier than expected


Reduction in the time

Required for migration

7 days

Reduction in the duration

Of implementation, using intelligent automation

Services Involved
Intelligent Automation

Delivered 100% implementations on time via automation

The client wanted to seamlessly onboard its customers to numerous employee benefit programs. They wanted to ensure that the entire process was smooth, for a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. However, the client’s existing manual implementation process was time-consuming and hence costlier in the long run.

To eradicate this, we assembled an experienced team of analysts and engineers to evaluate and deliver efficiencies at every stage. We developed numerous intelligent automation structures and suites, executing them across the implementation timelines to streamline and simplify processes. Our custom automation framework successfully functioned with minimal client feedback and reduced human errors and time to delivery.

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Intelligent Automation
Quality Engineering

Reduced overall realized timeline and delivered high quality by harnessing the ability of automation.

Our client’s primary concern was to capture their customers’ requirements and policies and set up the leave management/administration system for mid to large-sized organizations. Complying with federal and state regulations made the entire process more complicated.

We adopted a balanced automated implementation system to achieve the highest quality. As a part of our quality engineering services, we generated a custom framework to automate the system configuration using a cognitive automation platform and robotic automation, realizing eight person-hours of saving per client implementation configuration. Our efforts delivered high-quality leave management/administration systems to end clients and saved almost a person-week (40 hours) using automation.

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Quality Engineering
Legacy Modernization

Migrated over 350 legacy customers to the new configuration control tool (CC tool)

Managing the decade-old configurations of existing end customers was quite complex for our client since they constantly required highly skilled Configuration Analysts to troubleshoot and update client requirement changes. Additionally, they needed to consolidate all the end-client changes and have a single portal to manage them as a part of a digital transformation initiative. These processes drove up maintenance costs significantly.

As part of legacy modernization services, we developed a new configuration control tool (CC tool) to migrate and manage legacy clients. We helped over 450 end customers and established a robust escalation path to minimize wait times. We also automated all pre-work activities and testing using visual basic for applications (VBA), improving the overall quality and accuracy of migrations.

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Legacy Modernization
Business Impact

We conducted efficient and high-quality digital transformation with modern configuration tools. We worked closely with the client to evolve from a single automation project, into a partnership that saw us elevate every stage of their development process. Our efforts saved hundreds of manual hours and ensured a positive end-user experience.

350 legacy customers

Successfully migrated to the CC tool

Hundreds of hours

Of implementation time frames reduced

Significant reduction

In manual effort

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