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Having an extensive clientele and managing the configurations of decade-old existing clients was complex and required a refined skillset. This global HCM solutions provider needed configuration analysts to troubleshoot and update the client requirement changes. Also, they wanted to consolidate all the end client changes into a single portal to manage the client as a part of the digital transformation initiative.

Monolithic system
Manual troubleshooting
Complex process
High maintenance cost
  • Simplify the maintenance cycles of complex legacy customers, all with unique configurations.
  • Reduce the manual troubleshooting and updating effort placed on expensive Configuration Analysts.
  • Troubleshoot and update the client requirement changes to reduce the rising maintenance costs.
  • Consolidate all the client changes and have a single portal to manage the client as a part of the digital transformation initiative.
Our Solution

The global payroll management provider wanted to transform human resources from a back-office administrative function to a strategic business advantage. Their existing Java-based system was slow, erroneous, and led to substantial maintenance costs. As an expert software modernization service provider, we optimized the maintenance cycles and segmented activities phase-wise, improving cost and time efficiency.

Solution Impact

333 clients


To the new platform


Faster delivery

By optimizing analysts’ skill levels, thereby reducing human errors


Tool maturity

To accommodate unique client requirements

Our Approach

We built a strong migration team consisting of configuration analysts and testers to tackle complex projects. We then streamlined the migration process by consolidating functions, reducing hand-offs, precisely segmenting the activities per phase, and owners to run with. We automated all pre-work activities and testing using VBA, improving the overall quality of the migrations.

Our Approach
Seamlessly shift end clients to a new environment

The HCM solutions provider offers large portfolios of current clients. Highly qualified Configuration Analysts (CAs) had to manually troubleshoot and update these monolithic systems on demand to manage the configuration, some of which were more than a decade old. The client desired to switch from manual Java-based solutions to a new configuration control tool (CC tool) due to rising maintenance costs. As part of the digital transformation strategy, we streamlined maintenance cycles while lowering costs through a semi-automated approach.

Without compromising the user experience, we had to expertly lift and move customers from one live setting to another. Before being taken live on the CC tool, each customer migration underwent pre-work analysis, migration activities to check for faults, and testing phases

Seamlessly shift end clients to a new environment
Establish a robust escalation path and minimize wait time

A strong migration team consolidated roles, reduced hand-offs, and segmented activities per phase. These changes reduced the standard migration timeline by 50%, from four weeks to just two. We also automated all pre-work activities and testing using visual basic for applications (VBA), improving the overall quality and accuracy of migrations. We also established a robust escalation path to minimize wait times.

So far, we have performed legacy system modernization for over 450 extremely complex end-clients— many of which previously needed to be maintained by highly experienced and expensive personnel— onto the CC tool. We provide professional advice on platform inconsistencies throughout the process, maturing and improving the tool to better meet customer needs. After so many efficient and successful implementations, our relationship with the client and CC tool has only grown.

Establish a robust escalation path and minimize wait time
Business Impact

We improved the accuracy and quality of each migration using automation to modernize the legacy system. Using feedback, we continued to enhance and mature the tool to accommodate client requirements better.


Legacy customers seamlessly migrated to the new CC Tool


Reduction in the migration timeline from four to two weeks

Reduced costs

By streamlining maintenance activities for the growing client base

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