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The client’s monolithic IT infrastructure needed to be broken down, and they also needed to migrate its app and database to the cloud to further improve app performance, scalability, and maintenance.

Outdated infrastructure
Lack of scalability
Cloud migration
  • The client wanted to shift to a modern IT infrastructure based around a SaaS web application
  • They needed to create a platform that was scalable and responsive
  • They also needed to be able to maintain the app easily
  • To do all this, they needed help with their cloud migration
Our Solution

Cloud migration was a crucial part of our client’s modernization. As part of our cloud services, we helped migrate our client’s existing app and customer portal to a cloud-based SaaS environment. We also used tools and processes to further improve app performance and scalability, and to reduce manual maintenance demands.

Solution Impact



In the application performance with Azure serverless architecture



With implementation of Microservices Architecture

App availability


Through migration to the cloud

Our Approach

We provided standard cloud migration services as they shifted to an Azure cloud environment. We also converted and leveraged standalone applications to allow for multi-tenancy, multi-currency, and multi-lingual uses. We introduced reusable frameworks for various systems. We also built tenant provisioning, metering, and monitoring applications for better revenue models.

Our Approach
Improving performance with cloud solutions for business

We wanted to ensure our client got more than a standard migration when we provided cloud services to them. They are an international brand, and we built international usability into the cloud-based app. To do that, we converted and leveraged standalone applications that were multi-tenancy, multi-currency, and multi-lingual. It would allow multiple users to access the app at the same time (multi-tenancy). It is able to work with many different currencies (multi-currency) and, thanks to Azure’s translation API, many languages (multi-lingual). We also ensured it was configurable in multiple geo-locations to increase overall availability. That improved the app performance for such an international business.

Improving performance with cloud solutions for business
Migrating data for stronger visibility, collaborations, and reporting

Cloud migration has proven useful for more than just the client-side app. While we provided cloud migration services for the app, we also moved the client’s on-premises database to the same cloud environment. Moving the database this way enhanced data visibility and increased collaboration across the organization. We brought in reusable frameworks for systems including the centralized alert management system, the document management system, central logging, role-based access control, and the approval management system. This gave the client unprecedented access to their vast amounts of data. We also built customized dashboards that allowed our client and their customers to track, collate, and analyze their data to produce more useful reports and make more informed decisions

Migrating data for stronger visibility, collaborations, and reporting
Choosing the right environment to meet client needs

Cloud implementation is shaped by the tools you use, and for our client, we felt an Azure cloud environment gave them what they needed, both for their client-facing app and for their internal needs. In this environment, for example, our client has been able to offer PaaS tools to its tenants and partners. We built tenant provisioning, metering, and monitoring applications, which provided our client with better revenue models. At the same time, the client’s own engineers found that it was faster and easier to test and deploy products in the new cloud-based system. They could engage in blue/green deployment, running the current application version and the potential update at the same time, which reduced the risk of failure and increased development time. And because of the flexibility of the Azure environment, the client has been able to scale resources faster than ever, in near real-time to meet customer demands.

Choosing the right environment to meet client needs
Business Impact

The client knew that cloud migration would be critical to their modernization, but we worked to give them more than a simple migration. We integrated new tools and processes that would speed up performance and scalability even more than a simple cloud migration would.


Faster set-up times with Azure PaaS


Scaled resources in real-time and automatically

Less risk

Reduced risk with blue/green deployments

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