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The ever-growing IT infrastructure has made it imperative for enterprises to manage their infrastructure requirements not just through old methods of maintenance but also address them from the perspective of changing behavioral outlooks.

The increase in demand for scalable solutions and the emergence of new businesses catering to consumerism has led to an increase in SaaS-ification of products and increased cloud adoption. As per a Gartner report, cloud infrastructure services are expected to grow from $63 billion in 2020 to $81 billion by 2022. This increase in digitalization has led to an increase in complexity and traffic on IT systems, which has also understandably led to an increase in incidents, and thereby the increased need for maintenance. Companies must have checks, balances and frameworks in place, to have resilient IT systems capable of addressing these aspects.

This is where SRE plays a key role, bringing user experience to the forefront and tying it back to the processes by:

  • Considering operational issues as a software problem
  • Identifying and reducing toil
  • Automating processes
  • Increasing observability
  • Focusing on reducing the cost/impact of failures
  • Bringing in the concept of shared ownership
Learn to increase your reliability

by going cloud native and architecting for the cloud

Go through the benefits & approaches

for SRE and prepare for any pitfalls that you may chance upon

Understand use cases & case studies

from AWS and ValueLabs that will illuminate your journey towards SRE implemention

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Subodh Deshpande
AVP, Head of Cloud Practice
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Javier Huerta
Well Architected Solutions Architect
ValueLabs Events - Testimonials

"Very well done guys. World class presentations. I wonder why the big boys can't come up with a presentation like yours."

"That was by far the best-organized panel session I have been on. Thank you again for including me. I enjoyed well balanced moderation as well. Very professional and good discussions. Cheers!"

"Great content! Really got me excited about use cases in my niche. Thank you!"

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