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Our client provided IT asset disposition services, where they recycled, repaired, or disposed of unwanted IT equipment in a safe, environmentally friendly way that complied with company policies and government restrictions.

  • The client’s legacy application relied on a monolithic IT architecture
  • It was slow and costly to onboard new customers and to tailor new solutions for them
  • Generating reports was also difficult and slow
  • They needed a modernized system that could keep up with their rapidly changing industry
Our Solution

We began with a small-scale project, helping the client migrate from its legacy Windows-based asset intelligence platform to a web-based application. The client then expanded our remit, and we brought on teams to work alongside the client’s teams and provide end-to-end support as they modernized their whole offering.

Solution Impact



To build, test, and released a production-ready solution



In business flows, from 64 to 16



Of business flows

Our Approach

After our initial success with product management, our client engaged us to provide end-to-end support during their modernization. We ran an analysis of their entire business, identifying and collaborating on key pain points and solutions. We then began web migration and collaborated with the engineering team during architecting.

Our Approach
Building a long-term relationship by introducing migration

Our client had a Windows-based, on-premises asset intelligence platform when we began working for them in 2009. We helped them shift to a web-based application, and they were able to grow quickly as a result. The system they used still utilized one giant IT structure, which was incredibly unwieldy. Every time a new end client came on board, engineers had to customize their app from the ground up, which could take up to 30 days. By 2016, the global provider of enterprise IT asset disposition was keen to address the issues thrown up by taking on many new customers, including managing massive amounts of new data and more platform complexity. We had already proved we were more than up for the challenge, and the client agreed. That waded the path for the first of many in a years-long relationship.

Building a long-term relationship by introducing migration
Accelerating modernization with robust analysis

To help deliver a solution that would meet the client’s current needs and provide flexibility should their needs change in the future, we knew we needed to take some time and lay the proper strategic groundwork. We gathered a team of business analysts who used our privileged position with the company and joined the client’s product team to analyze the ins and outs of all the business’ processes. Once they completed their analysis, they developed a ‘transformation roadmap’ that laid out a modernization plan. The roadmap also allowed the client to identify their most pressing pain points, which made it easier for everyone to start brainstorming the best solutions.

Accelerating modernization with robust analysis
Executing real change alongside the in-house team

Once we identified all the key pain points and determined the best solutions, we assembled an architecting team to work closely with the engineering team that the client already employed. The architecting team’s primary role was to support the engineering team in both technical and functional areas and conduct user acceptance testing. We engaged in quality testing and integration testing and optimized the user experience while we supported their modernization transformation. We provided product enhancements as per client needs. We also handled production support for the application, and during that time, there were no major post-deployment issues in production.

Executing real change alongside the in-house team
Business Impact

In this project, we delivered a simpler ITAD and lifecycle management tool that gives both our client and their customers a more flexible, fully customizable experience. We worked closely with in-house teams, ensuring the solutions would work in the real world.


Operational costs by eliminating redundant steps in the workflow


Increase in the operations team’s performance


Reduction in new customer onboarding time

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