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Our client offered IT asset management services through an app, but even as late as 2018, the app relied on traditional architecture. It made customer onboarding and app customization arduous.

  • Engineers built a new customer’s app nearly from the ground up, which could take up to 30 days
  • This system caused delayed payments from onboarded clients
  • The legacy app lacked scalable support and mobile platform options
  • The data generated by the app was cumbersome
Our Solution

Our software application development started with building a microservices architecture that broke the client’s traditional architecture into more than 100 microservices spread across nine modules. These modules now allow engineers to plug-and-play customization solutions for customers, vastly speeding up onboarding times. We also introduced automation to make things even faster.

Solution Impact



Across 9 modules replaced the client’s hulking legacy platform



In defects


Repair and asset

Processing decisions

Our Approach

To kickstart the client’s processes, we followed an agile software development methodology and a rapid application development/prototyping approach to create solutions faster. We ensured our solutions brought the same speediness to the client’s processes by utilizing microservices and automation for optimum efficiency.

Our Approach
Collaborating with in-house teams to create ideal solutions

Our custom software development services can’t truly be customized without close collaboration with our clients. During the planning phase, we brought in our business analysts to identify issues and solutions alongside their production team. Once we decided how to convert their legacy app into a Software as a Service app, our architecture team cooperated with their engineering team to break the monolithic architecture down into microservices and modules. The plug-and-play modules merged with external applications for increased integration. We also added multi-tenant implementation through the user interface to create and activate the new customer account with a click of a button. These solutions were all brainstormed and brought online because we were able to work so closely with the in-house team.

Collaborating with in-house teams to create ideal solutions
Bringing speed to our work and our client

The client’s legacy IT architecture needed to be updated as quickly as possible. We approached our custom software development with a prototyping or rapid application development approach. This means we quickly built a working app that went online in just two months. We also brought speed to the client’s development, customization, and onboarding processes. We implemented easy multi-tenant support, enabling developers to spin up new customers with a click of a button—reducing franchise onboarding time by 90%. Not only does that free up engineering time and increase onboarding time, with also accelerates the client’s time-to-revenue as their customers pay a platform usage fee that only gets charged once they have access.

Bringing speed to our work and our client
Automating to give engineers even more time back

Shifting from on-premises architecture to Software-as-a-Service has been a time-consuming task. We decided to integrate automation into our custom software design to speed up both implementation and ongoing servicing. This was especially important during the early stages of the rapid application development process. Automation was used to identify and make repair and asset processing decisions, which sped up the process of improving the app at launch. We brought in a workflow engine with configurable tasks and activities to give more flexibility to operations and engineering teams for business flow customization. We also integrated multi-language configurations through the app interface using Azure’s translation API. This allows the client to customize their app for customers’ own languages, but it also unlocks a potential new revenue stream. With this capability, the client could license their app to be used by third-party companies anywhere in the world.

Automating to give engineers even more time back
Business Impact

Our client benefited from our cooperation, as did we. They were able to closely guide our software development services, so we could provide solutions that would work not just in theory but also in the practical business environment. These solutions provided tangible business benefits that sped up processes and time-to-revenue.


Reduction in QA cycle times


Reduction in customer onboarding times


Reduction in deployment times

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