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Our client’s manual testing process was slow and expensive, and they wanted to streamline multiple performance testing jobs. With our software testing services, we analyzed each of the tools involved, shared detailed insights, and even helped them embed an organization-wide culture of software quality engineering.

Complex manual testing processes
Repetitive tasks, underutilized staff skills
Inefficient methods cost time and money
Slow systems lead to rushed testing
  • Heavy reliance on manual testing increases the data generation timeframe and thus diverts focus from the actual testing process.
  • Long and repetitive for the engineers, leading to error-prone tests.
  • Provision to drill down into the reasons for the failure of the test cases and to minimize the failure rate.
  • Reduce regression testing time and reduce test data generation time.
Our Solution

Our software testing services for airlines started with putting quality engineering solutions at the heart of the development process and rebuilding it from the ground up. We built automation tools around a customized test automation framework, retrained staff, and created a testing dashboard to gather insights and roll out apps faster. In that way, they could use, modify, and gather insights from our tools now, but they also have the skills to go farther in the future, ensuring they are always at the cutting edge of test automation in the aviation industry.

Solution Impact


Reduction in the duration

Of data collection and report preparation


Reduction in time required

For test data generation


Automation of regression testing

Introduced across releases

Our Approach

We understood that our client needed more than quality software testing. As a quality engineering consulting service provider, they expected us to step up, and we began by upskilling the client’s manual testers, teaching them to become Quality Engineers. We then automated all aspects of the QA lifecycle, and we built a tool that allowed anyone to utilize the complete spectrum of test automation services without any programming.

Our Approach
Upskilled 80% of testers into Quality Engineers to embed QA in aviation

We wanted to do more than just build automated tools. We wanted to ensure that testers could learn the skills they needed to run and update the tools we built. To that end, we built new automation tools to help train and improve the skills of the client’s current testers. We encouraged them to use automation tools and taught them executions so they could understand and eventually modify how the tools worked, maintain the automated suite, and meet future needs.

Throughout the journey, we’ve consistently gone above and beyond to identify issues and propose solutions, and to be available and flexible for our client – especially during major ramp-ups and ramp-downs in activity. Today, we have a team of 236 highly motivated QA professionals and quality engineers working both onsite and offshore, providing end-to-end delivery of QA and software quality engineering services across 95% of the entire applications estate.

We look forward to growing our successful five-year partnership and applying new quality engineering innovations, including AI, across our client’s software operations.

QE Software solution integrated into the workflow

When we first began automating processes and setting up the test automation framework for the client, we wanted to ensure our QE software solution was built in from the ground up. Our early intervention enabled in-sprint automation that included an industry-first virtualized abstraction for functional testing. We also focused on enabling the existing testing team to design and develop concurrent automation themselves.

Our automation work has not only improved the quality of software releases but also facilitated the client’s strategic transition from a waterfall to an agile model in 2017. Test automation has now been integrated into every stage of the CI/CD process, from initial test design through to regression testing – which is now 70% automated, with timescales down from days to hours.

QE Software solution integrated into the workflow
Adopted test automation in the aviation industry

When the client transitioned to a QE-focused process, we helped by integrating automation into all aspects of the quality lifecycle, from test design to test planning and execution. By automating sanity and optimizing E2E tests – our design-first approach ensured in-built modularity. These tools seamlessly integrate with Jira, TFS, Jenkins, and Bamboo, without the need for custom frameworks.

Our work has saved the client millions of dollars and enabled the faster release of high-quality software to production – even as COVID-19 brought about big, urgent changes to its passenger-facing processes. We’ve taken on our client’s objectives as our own, providing thought leadership and innovation, and increasing the standing of the QA team within the client’s overall IT function. Our successful partnership is a prime example of our OneCompany® ethos in action.

Adopted test automation in the aviation industry
Making reports faster and more exhaustive with automation

Automation proved even more useful to our client than just taking manual testing off employees’ to-do lists. It also helped them to learn and improve with comprehensive reporting. The client initially struggled to create overarching testing reports quickly, so we configured various APIs to collect data from multiple sources. These diced the data to provide meaningful insights from across the applications in a matter of minutes.

Our proactivity and expertise came into their own when we noticed bottlenecks and backlogs in our client’s mobile application testing processes. We proposed and implemented an automation solution at minimal cost to our client – establishing the cloud infrastructure, managing, and maintaining mobile OS versions, automating test execution, and ensuring appropriate scripts were implemented.

Making reports faster and more exhaustive with automation
Business Impact

While working in close partnership with our client, we proved the utility and cost savings of test automation in the aviation industry. We built a test automation framework that improved testing processes and reporting. We were integral in supporting their transition to an agile process. And we upskilled their workforce to ensure they could continue to make improvements in the future.

95% Reduced test creation time

By reducing test data creation to just two clicks, it increased testing capacity without adding additional costs.

75% Reduced the time taken to prepare performance tests

Leading to faster analysis and resolution of potential issues and vulnerabilities.

Automated over 70% of processes

Embedded quality engineering solutions into the workflow, reducing regression time from days to hours across all portfolios.

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