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Medical Laboratory in USA

Improved operational efficiency with an intelligent process automation-driven UiPath bot, for a leading medical laboratory.

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Our client is an established medical laboratory based out of the Northeast USA. One of their responsibilities was printing patient order labels and they had dedicated a four-member team to support the task 24/7. Previously, the physician’s office used to call in to print the labels. Based on the requests, the client’s staff used to create a case in Salesforce manually. The client, however, needed RPA as a service, and that’s where we came in.

On-premise to cloud
Automate process
Integrate EPIC (HIS) system
Introduce Salesforce
  • Upgrade UiPath from on-premise to cloud
  • Automate the add-on process to handle the enormous call volumes
  • Partner with hospitals to integrate label reprint with the EPIC (HIS) system
  • Receiving calls, printing labels, and manual case creation in Salesforce
Our Solution

We introduced cognitive robotic process automation to develop a web application using UiPath BOT to automate the label printing process. Our team ensured the web interface provided features such as request, monitor, and access to historical label print data. Conversely, the BOT leveraged REST APIs to efficiently trigger and complete label printing tasks with real-time updates.

Solution Impact


Requests handled per month


Print calls handled weekly


Efficiency with the elimination of manual intervention

Our Approach

We developed the web app using ASP.Net MVC, Angular JS, Bootstrap, and CSS3. Our RPA solution automated the label printing process allowing users to request and monitor label prints and access historical data. The REST APIs triggered the UiPath BOT, ensured efficient task completion, and provided real-time updates via the web app. Our team improved operational efficiency and streamlined label printing.

Our Approach
Automating instructions for lab test result notification to doctors

Previously, the sales support team had to manually update the lab test result notifications in the Salesforce CRM system for doctors and customer care agents of the lab. The main challenge was the time-consuming and laborious nature of the manual update process. It took two to three days to update the instructions for hospitals with 200 to 300 doctors, leading to potential delays in critical result communication to clients.

We used .NET, Boomi integration to retrieve instructions from Salesforce CRM, and UiPath automation to update the lab system to address this issue. This intelligent automation solution streamlined the process, reducing delays and ensuring timely updates to notification instructions.

Tech Stack
  • Tech Stack
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Hospital label reprinting process: From request creation to Salesforce CRM integration

Our objective was to automate the hospital label reprinting process to improve scalability and efficiency. Customer care agents would receive phone calls from hospital staff requesting the reprinting of accession and batch labels used in specimen collection. Four dedicated resources manually processed each request, taking four to five minutes each.

Our RPA implementation aimed to free up these resources to better serve customers by building a web application using .NET to submit requests, UiPath automation to reprint labels, and Boomi integration to communicate with Salesforce CRM. This end-to-end automation allowed our client’s system to handle more requests as their business grew while streamlining the process for customer care agents.

Hospital label reprinting process: From request creation to Salesforce CRM integration
Sending critical lab results to doctors in real-time

Customer care agents constantly monitor lab systems around the clock to ensure timely communication of critical lab results to doctors for efficient patient care. It required a three-member dedicated staff to manually follow up with doctors’ offices until the results were delivered and read.

To resolve this, our experts built an application using .NET and Boomi integration. It could retrieve lab results and delivery instructions from Salesforce CRM and send notifications via the Tiger Connect system to doctors. The system also updated delivery and read statuses using RPA. Our solution is currently used for select customers of our client but will eventually be rolled out to all, providing automated real-time delivery of critical lab results for more efficient and effective patient care.

Sending critical lab results to doctors in real-time
Generating crucial COVID-19 test result notifications in real time

Customer care agents monitored an email inbox for COVID-19 test results processed by reference labs and manually created missing vital result notifications into the Lab system callback module. This process takes two to three minutes per notification, with shared staff monitoring the inbox 24/7.

To streamline this process, an application using .NET and Boomi integration retrieves missing COVID critical result notifications, and UiPath automation navigates through the Lab system to create callbacks. As the team worked on the solution, in-house machines were automated to process the results, resulting in a low volume of critical result notifications. Nonetheless, this automated system provides real-time delivery of COVID-19 test results and can be used for all other test results.

Generating crucial COVID-19 test result notifications in real time
Streamlining hospital add-on test requests for customer care agents

Customer care agents used to receive add-on test requests from hospital staff through various channels, including voice and digital channels. These requests involved multiple manual steps and verifications before adding the new test to the appropriate order. With around 8,000 requests per month, this process took approximately five minutes per request.

We aimed to automate the end-to-end process of adding tests to existing orders. To achieve this, we built an intelligent voice assistant using Five9 to receive voice requests and forward them to the intelligent automation process. Additionally, we used an application using .NET and UiPath automation to navigate the Lab system and add tests to existing orders. We also integrated Boomi to create cases in Salesforce and send verbal order verification forms to hospitals for digital signatures. With automation, customer care agents could quickly process add-on test requests, allowing for more efficient patient care.

Streamlining hospital add-on test requests for customer care agents
Business Impact

Our scalable RPA solution helped the client streamline their label printing process, freeing up their resources for other important tasks. We also enabled the users to use voice commands to perform otherwise complicated and time-consuming tasks. The simplified web interface improved overall operational efficiency.


Increased productivity

65% Reduction

In cost for label printing

1 minute

Label printing time reduced from 6 minutes to 1 minute

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