DevOps and Microservices are amongst the hottest trends within IT. DevOps is the combination of culture, processes and tools to deliver software and applications at a faster pace. To be able to reap the true potential of DevOps, it is often necessary to design the application in a way that it enables rapid changes with minimal impact. This is where Microservices play a key role. Microservices break down complex applications into several smaller manageable independent services. Combining Microservices and DevOps methodologies significantly improves both the speed and quality of your application.

Market analysis has shown that the DevOps and Microservices ecosystem is set to display global growth at a robust CAGR 16% between 2019 and 2024, reaching $10 billion by 2023. Firms that move towards integrating DevOps and Microservices will benefit from the agility, reliability and scalability provided by the combined ecosystem, while those failing to do so could be at a competitive disadvantage. It is however key to clearly assess the architecture of your application before embarking on this journey.

To learn more about creating an effective integration strategy for your IT infrastructure, join our panelists on 10th December, 2020.

Kris Buytaert
Co-Founder and CTO at
Rohini Khanduri
Director – IS at
Ingram Micro ITAD
Shlomo Bielak
CTO at
Benchmark Corp
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