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It was challenging for the client to onboard the group companies to the Salesforce platform and have a multitenant architecture for different group companies. The UK-based service provider was looking to partner with a CRM consulting firm to elevate their business.

  • To implement salesforce CRM 365 across group companies for sales and marketing function
  • Sales Cloud CRM consulting for different group companies
  • Running independent business processes for different group companies
  • A Salesforce Automation Testing framework with the help of Cucumber for Lightning
Our Solution

The client needed to onboard the group companies to Salesforce and have a multitenant architecture for different group companies. They also wanted to have a Salesforce Automation Testing framework with the help of cucumber for Lightning. Apart from this, we enabled the risk management service provider to comply with the GDPR and benefit through the Marketing Cloud campaign management.

Solution Impact

Defined a standard procedure

To implement salesforce for any group of companies

Designed a template approach

For any new business

Improved sales performance

With cross-sell/upsell opportunities

Our Approach

As Salesforce service providers, we designed the system from scratch by keeping group companies sharing the view as the goal and organization-wide governance for sharing, code execution sequence process, and best practices on the metadata creation and customization to the classes and triggers. We also provided manual and automation testing support.

Our Approach
Enabling GDPR compliance with a sustainable tech solution

Amid a growing business and architecture landscape, the client struggled to comply and adhere to GDPR and other regulations. They were maintaining a manual process, but without a sustainable tech solution, it was becoming increasingly harder for our client. We wanted to enable our client to comply with the GDPR. We wanted them to benefit through the marketing cloud campaign management and make strategic decisions on leads and contact management to enhance the business. We planned on customizing the Adobe echo sign for sending agreements from contracts. Our team customized contract and order generation processes differently for different group companies. Each part of our solution is sustainable and will enable our client to continue to comply with GDPR in the longer run.

Enabling GDPR compliance with a sustainable tech solution
Define a template approach for any new business with Salesforce implementation services

Our experts conducted a gap analysis of the base architecture and proposed target architecture with strategic Salesforce implementation. To bring all new companies into the fold of elevated sales and marketing, we proposed using Salesforce Sales Cloud. For better results, we provided architecture and design for the group company’s organization migration and included managed package migrations. For quality and testing purposes, we released specific training and sprint demos to the business users. This solution later became the group Enterprise Architecture Strategy where our solutions comprise. And now we have a standard process to migrate new acquisitions seamlessly and swiftly.

Define a template approach for any new business with Salesforce implementation services
Business Impact

Every company acquired by our client brings new customers – and new sales opportunities. To maximize those opportunities and realize technical efficiencies, we implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud for sales and marketing for new group companies not already using Salesforce.

360-degree view

Created for each customer to maximize upsell and cross-sell

10% productivity

Enabled the increase and 10% sales uplift by automating lead generation

Accelerated onboarding

of new acquisitions onto Salesforce

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