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The possibilities to customize solutions in Salesforce are endless, making it difficult to manage. Optimization is necessary to keep Salesforce aligned with your business goals.

Has your organization tried ready-to-install solutions to maintain your Salesforce implementations?

As Master Yoda says, "Try not! Do – or do not. There is no try!"

Attend our webinar on Salesforce Accelerators to learn the following ways to unleash the true potential of, and be one with the (Sales)force:

  • Acquire ready-to-install dashboards for sales leaders and admins, to derive key insights from your Salesforce data
  • Automate case routing & responses to your customers, and in turn, reduce turnaround times
  • Save costs through license optimization & storage utilization techniques
  • Automate admin tasks and maintain a high performing and secure environment
  • Create personalized marketing campaigns through an easy-to-install tool, unmasking critical and hidden data
Key pointers on why you should attend the event
Unleash the power of Salesforce

Enable yourself to use Salesforce to its full potential


Learn how to automate vital tasks that are mundane & repetitive

Optimize your Cloud

Learn to leverage Salesforce Sales, Service and Marketing cloud

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Phani Prasad Neralla
Head, Salesforce practice
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Arushi Sharma
Salesforce Consultant
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RagaDeepthi Singam
Salesforce Consultant
ValueLabs Events - Testimonials

"Very well done, guys. World-class presentations. I wonder why the big boys can't come up with a presentation like yours."

"That was by far the best-organized panel session I have been on. Thank you again for including me. I enjoyed well-balanced moderation as well—very professional and good discussions. Cheers!"

"Great content! It really got me excited about use cases in my niche. Thank you!"