DevSecOps & SRE

DevSecOps & SRE Services

Reduce your time to market, enhance efficiency, and improve productivity through the full spectrum of DevSecOps solutions from ValueLabs.

For many businesses, evolving and getting away from BAU can be a complex and expensive path full of risk. But the bottom line is, if the need is there, it’s time to make that change. Especially if you can add value when creating innovative apps and services for clients, or solve barriers to success within your own organization.

DevSecOps is all about the potential to realize your full business value, whether it’s being delivered to your clients, internally, or anywhere else. By implementing a DevSecOps strategy with ValueLabs, you’ll be in a far better position to innovate and experience faster time to value and improve the client experience, thus ensuring your business runs efficiently end-to-end.

Our Approach to Agile DevSecOps

Sharpening organizational focus through DevSecOps

Reduce your time to market, automate a multitude of tasks taking up valuable time, and benefit from pure focus on the needs of your business. By tapping into a unique partnership, you have the potential to focus on what you do best – delivering value for your clients. Our expertise comes equipped with a full spectrum of DevSecOps services and can be customized precisely.

That means understanding where your gaps are in terms of processes and technologies and working together to fulfill your goals. Whether those be in automation, continuous integration and deployment, or any other area. Let’s take the next steps in your business’ evolution, together.

Improve productivity

Get the most out of ValueLabs’ comprehensive DevSecOps advisory services and benefit from business process assessments, architecture design, and concept recommendations.

Minimal investment

There are many tools and resources packages out there in the market, but with our DevSecOps template-driven approach, you can get started on your journey without the big outlay up front.

Achieve automation targets

Every business has unique needs, especially when it comes to automation. That's why to set you up to leverage the right set of commercial and open-source tools to achieve your targets.

Self-heal and auto-scale

We help you manage containerisation, orchestrate infrastructure, provide self-healing and auto-scaling as per your business needs.

Our DevSecOps Capabilities

Implementing the DevSecOps philosophy comes from a solid plan and a proper measure of an organization’s IT. Our assessment tools can help you identify gaps in processes or technologies and provide reports on other areas vital to your DevSecOps journey. Get a full business picture on culture, automation, measure, and sharing.

Security is everyone’s responsibility. Aligning teams through DevSecOps means you can have a faster development process, but don’t leave yourself open to threats and vulnerabilities. We can help you implement DevSecOps for better collaboration, faster time to market, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved productivity.

Incorrect configuration is a common cause of infrastructure setup issues. In these situations, it can sometimes take days for the team to provision the application environment and complete the setup. Our infrastructure automation solution is based on the ‘Infrastructure as a Code’ and ‘Configuration as a Code’ approaches and ensures your infrastructure is up and running fast.

It is possible for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams to improve the observability and availability of your live services while continuously reducing costs. Our proven methodology and accelerators help organizations setup SRE operations quickly. Our DevOps and SRE practice accelerators ensure your live services are up and running 24/7.

Building an end-to-end DevOps team can be a daunting, time-consuming task and only serves to delay your DevSecOps journey. With the ValueLabs DevOps Platform-as-a-Service you’ll benefit from continuous integration, test and infrastructure automation, and orchestration tools so you can focus on what’s most important – delivering customer value.

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