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Reduce your efforts significantly and discover true business agility, with cloud implementation services from ValueLabs.

Solving core business problems and accelerating innovations are no longer within the capabilities of traditional IT, particularly in a market of rapidly changing customer demands. Businesses need to adapt. And for most, that means overcoming the challenges in their operations to increase their speed, and the ability to scale their offerings.

So, by harnessing the power of the cloud your business will not only experience a renewed sense of direction but tap into a new world of possibility. And with ValueLabs’ cloud computing services, you’ll get the very best out of these emerging technologies, while taking advantage of expertise in business agility, operational efficiency, and business continuity.

Our Cloud Offerings

Do you want to be successful with your cloud migration? Perhaps you need help in choosing the right cloud or identifying the relevant services. You need a solid strategy that is aligned with your enterprise IT transformation plan. Our ready-to-use cloud assessment tools help you identify gaps within your strategy. Assess your cloud readiness and current maturity and receive recommendations that enable quicker decision-making.

You’ve assessed your readiness, but now you need to know how to move to the cloud. Take ValueLabs’ cloud-first approach. We’ll help you choose the right provider, plan your migration, migrate your apps and data, and validate your post-migration success.

Experience better collaboration, faster time-to-market, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved productivity. Everything the transforming business aims for. By having apps architected to exist in the cloud you get to take advantage of everything the cloud offers. That includes container-based infrastructures, microservices, and continuous integration.

Unlike traditional infrastructure support, cloud operations need specialized skills and razor-sharp focus on monitoring, high availability, and costs. By having a well-defined cloud infrastructure alongside APM, log analytics and change management, you can protect your cloud assets against vulnerabilities, data loss, and service downtime. With these solutions in place, along with our expertise, you can enhance performance, increase productivity, and enable the high availability of your services.

Security is everyone’s responsibility, which is why we believe in incorporating security as a significant component of any cloud practice. Through our technical expertise, we can not only enhance your threat detection capabilities but help protect your business too – that’s all-round visibility and tracking for better prevention, compliance, and governance.

Our Approach to Cloud Computing

Optimize infrastructure and workloads with our cloud approach.

Master the technological aspects of the cloud, enforce the workforce and cultural changes needed for success to tap into the benefits that accelerate innovation.

By taking advantage of our expertise in cloud technologies, we offer the best scalable cloud solutions for business, laying the groundwork for success through migration, innovation, automation, integration, and optimization.

Reduce your cloud migration effort by up to 80%, create new products, derive new insights from data, and unlock the full potential of your business with our cloud computing services. It’s time to solve the biggest business problem from the core.

Our Approach to Cloud Computing
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Cloud Services FAQs

We thoroughly understand our clients so we can integrate great design with processes and goals.

Businesses in every industry and sector can benefit from Cloud-based IT solutions. They’re not strictly tied to any one category. You just have to tap into the right place.

We start with thorough research into the prospective client and look at the best Cloud platforms and migration strategies to help achieve their goals.

We listen carefully to issues faced and then bring that to the relevant expert in the company who can map out the most successful approach.

We develop and implement apps, migrate data and operations to the new services, and provide monitoring services.

We focus most of our work on Azure from Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Nutantix. However, we are Cloud agnostic and work with whatever service proves to be the best fit for you.

In addition to our top-tier customer service, we bring standardization and a platform-based approach.

We start with a template for a Cloud platform. We can customize it endlessly, but we start with a base that we know works.
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Face the future of IT boldly with a more resilient, responsive company based on the Cloud.
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