Partner for Innovation with Microsoft Solutions

As a Microsoft partner, ValueLabs works with clients to identify solutions that best address their critical business needs. Our full-stack product knowledge and deep experience in implementing Microsoft solutions across a range of industries set us apart. From implementation to support, we assist our clients in leveraging the complex landscape of Microsoft technologies effectively and efficiently to innovate, perform and grow revenue.

Partner for Innovation with Microsoft Solutions
Services Offered

We make it seamless and easy for our clients to deploy production workloads to Azure and enable hybrid cloud scenarios by protecting data, ensuring compliance, increasing efficiency, reducing risk, improving system performance, and facilitating migration to Azure.

The cognitive capabilities of artificial intelligence software lift enterprise automation to a new level. Our intelligent automation experts use self-learning capabilities, including Natural Language Processing (NLP), to implement solutions beyond rule-based automation’s support. We help clients discover powerful insights about their enterprise operations, processes, and data.

We help our clients to protect their production workloads, improve their security posture, and reduce the risk of breaches with security controls and services in Azure like Azure Sentinel, Security Center, Azure AD, Virtual Networks, Web Application Firewall, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

As a Microsoft Partner, ValueLabs helps clients to use Microsoft Azure Managed services to have their Azure infrastructure quickly delivered, keeping it stable and secure with reasonable costs.

We excel in modernizing .NET and Azure apps. Our comprehensive services assess, enhance, and migrate apps for optimal performance, scalability, and new features. Benefit from our deep .NET and Azure expertise to transition from legacy systems with assessment, migration, refactoring, and management solutions.

Our re-architecture/Serverless offering has enabled cost optimization and faster deployments using micro-services, micro frontends, and multi-tenant architecture implementation on AD and Fabrics. We’ve been able to reduce virtual machines significantly while achieving a 97% reduction in manual effort for deployment.

Empowered IT and business users to create connected experiences, products, and services with the integration and API platforms.

As a partner, ValueLabs helps customers to implement end-to-end ERP, CRM, and SharePoint solutions to address their critical business needs and challenges and support their operational and strategic initiatives.

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