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In the current landscape, the lines between physical, digital, and service design are becoming increasingly blurred.

As a result, creating a cohesive customer experience that encompasses all of these elements is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.

To meet this demand, we offer a comprehensive range of UX design services that cater to every touchpoint and requirement, including user research, product design (including software, tangible, and phygital solutions), service design, and more.

We blend high-impact design thinking with our top-tier creative skills to deliver better business outcomes with meaningful customer experience design.

Iron Man Suit for Employees

Our teams are able to design and deliver code faster and with superior quality, across multiple languages and technology frameworks with AiDE®.

User Experience Capabilities

We start every project with extensive research. Our team looks at a client’s initial product, and the tech stack analyzes how customers use the product and where there is scope for improvement. We then incorporate those findings into new designs.

How customers interact with your products can impact your brand image. For a positive experience, it is essential to design interactions to meet users’ specific needs. That’s why we tailor our interaction design to meet the exact requirements of your customers.

We strive to find the right balance between design and your business needs and goals. We curate the style, aesthetic, and layout that align with your brand persona, so you get a product that looks as great as it works.

We streamline every touchpoint. To achieve this, we analyze your services and processes and divide them into smaller, manageable parts. Our team carefully evaluates each element to create a tailored experience that meets the specific needs of your customers.

Branding is the first thing customers notice about a business. Invest in creating positive branding to ensure a consistent experience across platforms. Use our customer experience design resources to craft a brand that sends the right message across all your products.

Give personality to your design with our graphic design and motion graphics services. We look at your business’s style, requirements, and USP to create custom graphics that enhance your products and services.

Clients visiting you online must get a receptive, responsive experience. Our retail experience service goes through your sales process, merchandising, and more to immediately give your customers what they want.

Revamp your digital content with our new media design services. We have extensive experience creating interactive designs that drive your customers deep into the sales pipeline while providing a consistent UX.

Create a visually distinctive design that incorporates your branding and values. Our designers understand how to take an eye-catching exhibition design from concept to exhibition floor, so your business can shine.

Go beyond charts and graphs with our data visualization design services. Our experts craft stunning graphics that make actionable insights understandable and help improve design structure.

Elevate the aesthetic appeal and usability of your digital products. Our visual design service providers give a unique twist to your business’ story, guide customers through your products, and ensure the focus is always on your business.

Positively influence every element of your customer’s journey, from initial awareness and conversion to retention.  Leverage our customer-centric designs to build and nurture long-standing relationships.

Our World-Class Approach to UX

At ValueLabs, user experience design is at the heart of creating successful digital products and services. Our UX design consulting service is a customer-centric, iterative process that allows us to transform imaginative ideas into world-class products and services.

Our experts leverage out-of-the-box methodologies and UX design principles to ensure that our clients’ products and services are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and emotionally engaging.

Our World-Class Approach to UX
Recent Work
Kadambari Sahu
Senior Vice President
kadambari pic
Head of Design

Kadambari Sahu is an award-winning Designer and a Design Leader, working as SVP design at ValueLabs. She founded the User Experience Group at ValueLabs, and is currently leading 50+ designers to create world-class and award-winning products and services to have a positive impact on businesses. Her forte lies in building, growing, coaching, and mentoring high-performance design teams from scratch.

Ask her about everything outside the box!

Design Inspire

Design Inspireis a mission-driven platform to provide design education free and accessible to everyone irrespective of their background. It serves as an inspiration and creates opportunities for meaningful conversations to happen.

It helps young and budding designers to understand various aspects of a designer’s life, beyond just the craft of design, dwelling into behaviour, attitudes, practices and work-life balance, and how to stay motivated and inspired in the increasingly demanding and evolving domain.

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User Experience FAQs

We have offered our UX design consulting services to numerous international clients and won more than 140 awards and recognitions from reputed organizations worldwide.

At ValueLabs, we prioritize user experience in digital product creation. Our consulting service employs customer-centric, iterative processes, utilizing expert methodologies and principles for functional, aesthetic, and emotionally engaging products.

Every project is a learning opportunity, and we integrate new-found knowledge into future projects with proper documentation.

We follow an evidence-based approach by factoring in customer experience and expectations, the latest trends, and industry practices.

We compare the metrics of the old product and the new. We also employ continuous testing to ensure alignment with client goals and iterative improvement.

We start with the discovery phase. We then create a sprint plan that incorporates a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach.

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