IoT Solutions

Unlock the potential of global connectivity and help make the world a better place with IoT services from ValueLabs.

With incredible developments in technology, our world not only becomes more connected than ever but feeds into a constant loop of transformation. Unfolding before our very eyes is a new era: the Internet of Things (IoT).

We’re now capable of so much, yet it’s only the beginning of an incredible future – for end users, businesses, and society as a whole. Behind every solution or service, incredible partnerships are taking place, unlocking ways to better track health, make buildings smarter, deliver ultimate experiences, build robust vehicles with safety features, and so much more.

Now, more than ever, your business has a unique opportunity to drive innovation, revenue, and success by leveraging ValueLabs’ extensive experience and expertise in IoT. Regardless of your industry, we can explore new ways to meet the needs of the smart world and deliver the solutions of the future.

Our Approach to IoT Implementation

Make IoT the Internet of Business

With power in the palm of everyone’s hands, people use the internet to connect on a global scale, through devices designed closely around their exact needs. It represents a new era in communication that’s not only smart, but also makes the world better one device at a time.

For businesses looking to explore this smart world, it’s great news. Not only can you help people, businesses and industries stay connected with everything they do, you also have an opportunity to drive the innovation that gives them even more.

Over the last seven years, our expert teams have been helping global clients do exactly that with tailored IoT capabilities based around the context of their business, thus helping the world connect in smart, innovative ways.

Everything starts with customers

Understanding the customers’ needs in the domain of IoT is critical. Once we have our findings, we can propose an approach including anything from dedicated resource engagements, proof of concept development with sensors, or a cloud and mobile app infrastructure.

An overview of the business

After understanding the customers’ needs, we’ll conduct a thorough analysis of the requirements and business needs. That could include any functional element of your business such as existing field ops, sensors, controllers, connections, and communication methods.

The best way forward

With a comprehensive understanding of the customers and the business, we’re ready for either a minimum viable PoC or a complete architecture – everything you need to connect and take business in the right direction.

Our IoT Service Offerings

Visibility is everything, especially when you’ve got countless IoT devices in your network and an equally large pool of data being created in the background. With the right dashboards and analytics, you have the opportunity to gain complete insights from your systems – remotely and in real-time. Take monitoring, control, and prediction to the next level and support better business decisions, all through interactive dashboards for desktop and smartphone devices.

Bring capability and flexibility together to meet all of today’s requirements, whether it’s for single to multi-users, smart homes to factories, or consumers to businesses. Whichever requirement you’re catering for, there’s a unique architecture to match. We’ll work with you extensively to understand your business goals, challenges, and processes. In return, you’ll get a robust, scalable, and secure IoT architecture designed to meet all your needs.

Protocols are everything. Sensors and controllers connect with the internet over wired and wireless technologies, resulting in tech and compatibility support being required between different communication protocols. We keep gateway development capabilities aligned with the advancements in communication technologies, and offer support for various gateway apps including interactive web interface, protocol conversions, offline support, running AI and machine learning models on Edge, and more.

Gain full visibility and control of all ‘things’ for seamless interaction and better utilization – whether it be on-field sensors, devices, appliances, vehicles, or anything with internet connectivity. We can help you build a network of things with a provision for new devices online or offline, enabling you to configure them remotely from anywhere and in bulk. Accommodate a large number of devices and gateways, manage and upgrade security keys – all with things management capabilities.

With so much data at our disposal, understanding its pattern is key in helping identify errors, improve efficiency, and prevent machinery failure. That’s where our data ingestion and processing capabilities come in, processing hot data at the edge, optimizing dark data, and managing cold data storage.

Today more than ever, security and privacy are vital to protecting your devices and data. With our expertise, we’ll help your business ensure it meets security and privacy requirements through device authorization, secure firmware updates, data encryption, device provisioning, data security, and user authentication and roles. We can cover all bases for IoT solutions deployed from the ground to the end-user’s mobile app.

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