Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Create innovative experiences for customers and transformational solutions for businesses, on a mobile-driven journey with ValueLabs

Mobile is no longer a buzzword bouncing around the world and its many industries. It’s a necessity. It’s in the palm of everyone’s hand. To lead the way in this evolving landscape, you need a holistic mobile strategy that aligns your business goals with your audiences, and technology.

Behind many of the world’s best ideas is a powerful suite of hidden technology, from AI and machine learning to data and security. It all comes together to help customers find the best way to shop, create better mobile payment solutions for businesses, and so much more. There are many great ideas, but they’re not always easy to execute.

We think mobile first. With 18 years’ experience in mobile solutions and services, our experts can help you wherever you are in your mobile journey, whether you’re new to the field or established. Having witnessed the evolution of mobile over the past 18 years, we’ve executed more than 500 mobile apps, offering expertise in everything from mobile consultancy, UX, and architectures to omni-channel enablement and IoT.

Mobile apps are beneficial across every industry. We’ll not only help you create the simplest yet most-effective solutions for consumers, businesses, and the enterprise, but help you build on the right platform with the right technologies. Reach bigger audiences, enrich their experiences, and increase your revenue ¬– all while remaining future-ready.


Our Approach to Mobile Application Development

Delivering the mobile experiences of the future

Tap into industry leading technology and minimalistic architectures. Execute graceful designs that aren’t just there to look nice but serve a real purpose. By leveraging ValueLabs’ deep industry experience, you’re accessing the expertise of a team that will strive to understand your business, the market you reside in, and the best way forward in the world of mobile.

We’ll work with you to develop a holistic mobile transformation strategy geared towards powerful and disruptive apps. You’ll understand what your goals mean in full, your pain points, touch points, and everything in between.

And we’ll ensure you invest in the right technology that not only takes you and your customers in new directions, but helps you keep pace with a rapidly evolving world.

A holistic approach

By understanding your business, who your competition and audiences are, and your goals, we can get a full picture of your main challenges and how best to approach them.

Get the strategy right

Mobile transformation doesn’t necessarily spell change across the board. We’ll assess your current tech stack and make any recommendations, so you can make the most of what you’ve got.

Optimize that ‘real’ estate

Mobile real estate is limited, and too many features simply ruin the user experience. But our goal will be to help you balance your real estate so it’s aesthetically pleasing and offers a great experience.

Be dynamic and agile

It’s particularly important to propose the right platform so it blends into your tech stack and is capable of adapting to the changing landscape. We’ll help you be future-ready.

Our Mobility Capabilities

Getting started in mobile is easier said than done and differs for each business. Arriving at a solid strategy means undertaking full consideration for everything from competitor analysis, your current tech stack, through to any pain points and touch points across the business. At ValueLabs we’ll help you explore all of the points, so you’re operating off the best platform for your requirements, and the business is aligned fully.

With a mobile-led future dominating the horizon for business, increased value is placed on how we deliver experiences on devices with far less real estate. No one wants to open an app to find their displays crammed with features and options. They want an experience that’s clean, simple, and makes sense. We’ll work with you to deliver the UX that’s right for your customers. In healthcare, our work on a client’s app focused on implementing the right UX, so users can find the answers they need through an intuitive user interface that looks simple and clean. The app provides information on everything from symptoms to possible conditions, information on drugs, and health-related articles.

In our fast-moving modern world, architecture is everything. The dynamic business is looking for common architectures that are flexible and scalable, supporting everything from applications to processes. For mobile it’s a very similar approach, which is why we’ll work closely with you to create an architecture that blends in with your business, for best results.

Digital transformation is enabling companies to accelerate their app offerings like never before. The ability to deliver a consistent, seamless experience to consumers is critical, whether that be through web, tablet, mobile, voice assistant (e.g. Alexa, Google Home) or any other form. We’ll work with you to ensure all those channels provide users with the experience they need and expect – one that’s unified, familiar, and reliable.

It’s difficult for many businesses to know what tech is right for their mission critical apps. But having developed more than 500 apps, we can help you find the right platform that blends into your tech stack, and has flexibility built in. That means your app will be as future proof as possible in areas such as architecture, design, and experience. A retail customer out of Dubai, for example, uses Philips Indoor Positioning in its app to help shoppers optimize their route through a store as they shop. As well as allowing users to create shopping lists, the app provides promotions based on preferences, and has been built so that new features can be added when required.

So, our team of experts has helped you envision the perfect solution and create it. What’s next? The future is always changing, technology always shifts – as do consumers’ needs. To ensure your apps are performing at their best at all times, we offer full support for everything, from regular maintenance to potential bug fixes, enhancements, and version upgrades.

Developing future-proof apps is one thing. Better understanding your customers through how they use those apps is another. We’ll help you measure and analyze the data your users generate so you can optimize the mobile experience, increase engagement, and lay the foundation for better overall retention.

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