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Our client, a global SaaS provider with customers worldwide, required 24/7 support for their cloud platform, not only for their customers but also for their internal scrum teams in pre-production environments. The client’s teams were based out of the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. They were on the lookout for IT infrastructure optimization to avail a round-the-clock production and pre-production environment support to guarantee uptime.

Teams in diverse locations
24/7 support required
Increase in uptime
Implementing Follow the Sun model
  • The client has pre-production environments that are used by global teams in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
  • The client has customers from all over the world, so they need production environment support 24/7.
  • Needed to maximize uptime and fix unavailability issues, within SLAs.
  • A Follow the Sun model was required to improve responsiveness, minimize delays, and guarantee rapid turnaround.
Our Solution

As a global SaaS provider, our client needed to offer 24/7 cloud platform and IT infrastructure support. Time zones were a perennial challenge for local support teams, so we worked to provide worldwide 24×7/365 Level 1 support from Hyderabad, with our integration service experts working in shifts on a ‘follow-the-sun’ model.

Solution Impact

24/7/365 support

Provided production and pre-production environment support

Timely detection of issues

Peace of mind for the client, as they know that issues are being detected and fixed around the clock

Less downtime

A superior product for the client’s customers and fewer product issues

Our Approach

The IT infrastructure consulting experts provided 24×7 monitoring support using shifts. Technologically advanced alerting techniques were put in place to warn the team of a potential problem even before the problem actually occurs. We set up channels to communicate with the DevOps team and inform them of environment issues. We also created dashboards to display metrics that measure and monitor the health of the servers.

Our Approach
Ensuring product support for the end clients

We used the latest tools for automated monitoring and alerting, enabling us to detect and fix issues often before the user becomes aware of them. To achieve this, we put technologically advanced alerting techniques in place to warn the team of potential problems before they occur. It enabled us to get a head-start on resolving issues.

As an IT infrastructure company, our team provided 24/7 monitoring support using a ’Follow the Sun’ shift model. This guarantees comprehensive support coverage. Runbooks and Checklists provide clear instructions regarding when it was time to take corrective actions. With this approach, our teams successfully delivered excellent Level 1 support from our Hyderabad site.

Ensuring product support for the end clients
Providing support to internal teams and users

The client’s US, European, Asian, and Australian teams use pre-production environments. This was a major concern for the client, who wanted 24/7 cloud platform and IT infrastructure services for their end customers and internal scrum teams working in pre-production environments. Our teams assumed responsibility for providing that support.

For internal users of the platform, we used tools like PagerDuty and Microsoft Teams to collaborate with local teams over environmental issues. This enabled us to collaborate closely with local teams and get to the root cause of issues as quickly as possible, resulting in fast and effective fixes.

Providing support to internal teams and users
Effective monitoring at all times

To deliver 24/7 IT infrastructure support effectively, we needed to implement advanced and intuitive monitoring capabilities. These allowed us to identify issues as early as we could and move swiftly to resolve them. Our team’s IES expertise and ‘follow-the-sun’ approach would put us in a position where we could respond to the vast majority of technical issues.

To this end, we created dashboards to display metrics that measure and monitor the health of the servers. We also configured various watchers, such as Cloud Watch and Performance Monitors, to detect and alert on environment issues. This ensured we had an efficient early warning and detection system for the customer.

Effective monitoring at all times
Business Impact

Our client benefits from the peace of mind. They know infrastructure issues are detected and fixed around the clock, and ValueLabs’ integration service experts can resolve most simple queries. What’s more, our client’s in-region DevOps teams can spend less time troubleshooting and more time developing and releasing valuable new functionalities.

Faster issue resolution

Detects and resolves infrastructure issues before they impact customers


Freed client DevOps teams to focus on development rather than troubleshooting

IES alerting techniques

Created to raise alarms before the actual problem surfaces to the customers

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