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Initially, the client approached us to provide quality engineering services. However, as our partnership developed, several new challenges arose. Seeking to restructure their flagship product as a subscription-based SaaS cloud solution, our client needed cost-effective expertise to scale the operation and create an effective engagement model. They also required 24/7 global product support and needed a cloud migration strategy to update their legacy desktop applications.

Transition to SaaS business model.
Migrate to a cloud-based product.
Compete on customer experience.
Reliance on legacy desktop applications.
  • The new SaaS business model required improved QA processes.
  • Previous on-premises product was difficult to manage and upgrade.
  • Customer experience was an increasingly challenging battleground in the industry.
  • The client’s product delivery relied on outdated legacy applications.
Our Solution

Our partnership began in 2009 when the client engaged two ValueLabs QA engineers to ensure the quality of new releases for their on-premises products. The client soon began to involve us in its real estate software development efforts too. The real estate giant was also looking to rebuild its flagship product as a subscription-based SaaS cloud solution. They concluded that ValueLabs offered the best mix of scalability, expertise, cost-effectiveness, and engagement. The first SaaS applications launched on time in 2019.

  • Began providing quality engineering services in 2009.
  • Grew the offshore team to include 40 developers and quality analysts.
  • Chosen as a partner to facilitate the client’s business model transition.
  • Successfully launched seven cloud products to schedule.
  • We now act as our client’s extended UX, development, and quality engineering team.
Solution Impact

Implemented a SaaS-based model

With in-built subscription management for predictable recurring revenues


Reduction in operational costs

By creating an offshore development center


Faster delivery

With reusable app components and streamlined development workflows

Services Involved
Software Development

Implementing and scaling offshore real estate software development 

We offered the client real estate software solutions that would provide an offshore development center with all the capabilities of an onshore one. This was a holistic response to their need for cloud solutions as they rebuilt their core on-premises product for SaaS delivery in the cloud. We achieved this using scrum teams, an agile scrum methodology, and a ‘follow the sun’ customer support model.

We removed geographical limitations by creating scrum teams for all products in at least two locations. We attached one scrum team to simple products and up to four to complex products. Having established the teams, we implemented an agile scrum methodology, with sprints lasting two to three weeks. Every team contained development, QA, business analysis, and automation expertise. 

The offshore development center contributed to increased development speed and facilitated the on-schedule release of seven key products. At the same time, it reduced operating costs by 90%.

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Software Development

Software application modernization for a brighter future 

To re-architect our client’s flagship product for the cloud, we converted their legacy desktop applications into slick, modern web applications. The client was keen to take advantage of the latest technologies and best practices to provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience to their commercial real estate customers. To achieve this, we introduced a cloud migration strategy that employed a micro-frontend and microservices approach.

Our approach involved completely re-designing the client’s back-end and front-end architecture. To do so, we implemented all new functionalities as web applications on the cloud using micro-frontends and microservices. We simplified the new SaaS architecture by grouping several platform APIs under multiple microservices.

Our solution led to a slick, modern user experience with simplified architecture and controls. It enabled faster delivery using microservices and micro frontends, a 30% reduction in overall software development times, and faster time to market.

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Transforming our client’s cloud applications development for a critical business transition

To build the cloud solutions, we developed a comprehensive cloud migration strategy. We began by moving the underlying databases onto the AWS cloud, using Salesforce to manage identity and access in a multi-tenant architecture. We redeveloped the service layer as microservices and built a portfolio of front-end applications to replicate the different modules available with the on-premises version. Finally, we created a subscription model for cloud solutions.

A migration to the cloud – and a continuously updated SaaS model with any time, anywhere access – was a clear solution to the client’s challenges. Getting there required us to facilitate a swift ramp-up in development and testing capacity, introduce a slew of new cloud skills and technologies, and implement an organizational model allowing teams worldwide to collaborate on the cloud application development effort.

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Quality Engineering

Guaranteeing quality every step of the way 

We implemented testing automation to maximize code coverage while allowing faster delivery of new functionality. Today, all of our scrum teams have a QA automation engineer working alongside manual testers to automate up to 85% of test cases. We developed automated test suites for unit testing, smoke testing, regression testing, and end-to-end flows. Our client takes care of scalability and performance testing.

We began by offering testing services to the client in 2009. When they decided to shift to a cloud-based product, we were required to scale our quality engineering capacity quickly. To do so, we introduced QA specialists into every scrum team and began implementing widespread automation in the testing processes. The company now relies on us to provide ongoing quality engineering services for its portfolio of cloud applications as well as its legacy on-premises software.

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Quality Engineering

Enabling IES global support via a ‘follow the sun’ model 

Our client needs to offer 24/7 cloud platform support as a global SaaS provider. Time zones are a perennial challenge for local support teams, so we worked to provide worldwide 24×7/365 Level 1 support from Hyderabad, with our Infrastructure Engineering Services (IES), teams working in shifts on a ‘follow the sun’ model.

We wanted to ensure we were able to monitor, detect, and fix any issues that arose with the software. This meant implementing the ‘follow the sun’ model. The approach ensured that we always had an IES team available and ready to detect and resolve issues throughout the client’s team’s work day. In the majority of cases, it also enabled us to resolve problems before they became apparent to customers.

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User Experience

Creating a modern customer experience with the latest UX techniques 

To deliver a modern customer experience, our Hyderabad team extends beyond developers, analysts, and quality engineering professionals to include skilled UI/UX designers and interaction designers. Our team members worked with the client’s designers to guarantee a consistent and intuitive user experience, employing the latest UX thinking and best practices.

Before starting on the front-end web applications, we sought feedback from existing customers on design changes they would like to see in the SaaS product. We then took a lean startup approach to the reimagined UX – iterating in short sprints. At the end of the process, we sought end-user feedback with each iteration to ensure future adoption.

Our solution resulted in a modern look and feel and a consistent user experience across all customer-facing applications, regardless of which scrum team has developed the functionality. Development times have also been slashed by 70%, as controls do not need to be built from scratch.

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User Experience
Business Impact

We facilitated the client’s transition to a modern SaaS business model and helped them build a robust, agile, cloud-based flagship product. Our solution ensures the client delivers greater value to its customers and can compete based on a world-class digital experience. We achieved this while reducing the client’s operational costs by 90%.


Reduction in development time


Reduction in product development time

1,000th customer milestone

Achieved for the new cloud-based version of its core product.

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