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The pursuit of exceptional software quality was a top priority for our real estate client when they sought out our expertise back in 2009. As the client migrated from an on-premises model to SaaS, the need for extensive, efficient, and fast-turnaround quality assurance has grown and our quality engineering solutions have become increasingly valuable.

Extensive software development
Shift in business model
Fast turnaround QA
Testing for cloud and on-prem
  • The client needed to ensure they were releasing high-quality products to their end customers.
  • The transition to a SaaS business model required a significant shift in development, QE and testing processes.
  • The client wanted to perform the performance and scalability testing internally.
  • The client wanted to implement test automation for both on-premises and cloud-based applications.
Our Solution

We began by offering QA services to the client in 2009. When they decided to shift to a cloud-based product, we were required to scale our capacity quickly. To do so, we introduced QE software specialists into every scrum team and began implementing widespread automation in the testing processes. The company now relies on us to provide ongoing quality engineering services for their cloud applications portfolio as well as legacy on-premises software.

Solution Impact

Delivered new functionality faster

By leveraging automation and maximizing code coverage.



in manual work required to perform necessary QA tests

Improved CI/CD workflows

Shifted testing from the delivery cycle, making it an integral part of our CI/CD flows

Our Approach

We implemented testing automation to maximize code coverage while allowing faster delivery of new functionality. Today, all of our scrum teams have a test automation services expert working alongside manual testers to automate up to 85% of test cases. We developed automated test suites for unit testing, smoke testing, regression testing, and end-to-end flows. Our client takes care of scalability and performance testing.

Our Approach
Improving testing efficiency with intelligent automation

We’ve developed automated test suites for unit testing, smoke testing, regression testing, and end-to-end flows while our client takes care of scalability and performance testing.

As an established QE testing company, we always have a unique approach to solutions. We also introduced tools to automate desktop applications. It was complemented by an API automation tool to cover integrations similar to that of desktop applications. We implemented API Automation using Postman and Restsharp to test various Web APIs. Finally, we designed the customized automation frameworks using Postman, Visual Studio Performance/Load Testing, Restsharp, and a third-party test results dashboard for Web APIs testing.

Improving testing efficiency with intelligent automation
Adopting a DevOps approach to testing

With the client’s software now running in the cloud, we’re able to take a DevOps approach to test, shifting it left in the delivery cycle and making it an integral part of our CI/CD flows. We implemented the integration of CI/CD and ran the tests on AWS and on-premises environments using TFS & Jenkins.

We also introduced innovations of our own to the software quality engineering process. For example, we developed a unified dashboard with Grafana and C# to visualize our client’s automated test results. We implemented a Node.js-based framework using Webdriver-IO to support one of the web applications and align it with the development team’s stack. We utilized parallel runs for quick test execution and moved to AWS to reduce the dependency and maintenance of virtual machines.

Adopting a DevOps approach to testing
Introducing automation in Web UI

As part of our quality engineering solution, we took steps to automate Web UI using Selenium with C# and Java. It enabled us to automate front-end applications, thus meeting multiple project guidelines simultaneously. This process was essential as the client intended to release several products in a relatively short period.

We performed scalability and performance testing via JMeter and Microsoft VS Load Testing tools. It supports applications for all lines of business. However, the client wanted to perform scalability and performance testing themselves. Finally, we implemented code repository tools for continuous integration.

Introducing automation in Web UI
Business Impact

Our quality engineering solutions introduced various automation utilities that reduced the time taken for repetitive manual tasks to be performed by the team. The efforts have greatly improved efficiency and driven down testing time. It also allows quick feedback on the development and production builds with smoke automated runs. Additionally, each automation development is owned and managed by separate scrum teams, making the platform more organized.


Automation of total test cases across all products.


Time saved with API automation vs UI automation.


Automation achieved for performance and scalability testing.

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