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The client wanted to build a self-sufficient offshore development center that mimicked the development capabilities of their Onshore ones. They needed software development services that could streamline delivery releases of their seven products on schedule.

Working alongside global teams
Diverse development skill set dependency
End-to-End solutions required
Developing to tight deadlines
  • The client’s teams were located around the world, necessitating close collaboration across time zones.
  • Project success depended on team members with a wide range of skills and abilities working together effectively.
  • The offshore development center needed to be self-sufficient and capable of end-to-end development.
  • The client’s desired release schedule meant seven products needed to be developed in a relatively short time frame.
Our Solution

We offered the global software company custom software development services that would provide an offshore development center with all the capabilities of an onshore one. It was a holistic response to their need for cloud solutions as they rebuilt their core on-premises product for SaaS delivery in the cloud. We achieved this using scrum teams, an agile scrum methodology, and a ‘Follow the Sun’ customer support model.

Solution Impact

Freed client DevOps teams

To focus on development rather than troubleshooting.

Rapid end-to-end software product development

Integration of all necessary roles into the offshore center.

Scheduled product release

All seven scheduled products were released within the required time frame.

Our Approach

We removed geographical limitations by creating scrum teams for all products in at least two locations. We attached one scrum team to simple products and up to four to complex products. Having established the teams, we implemented an agile scrum methodology, with sprints lasting two to three weeks. Every unit contained development, QA, business analysis, and automation expertise.

Our Approach
Using agile scrum teams to develop products without geographical limitations

To break down the barriers of geographical limitations and optimize end-to-end product development and delivery, we created offshore scrum teams for each of the seven products the client was due to launch in at least two locations.

The offshore development center also delivered the quality engineering function for the client’s flagship SaaS and other products. Teams at our Hyderabad location acted as an extension of the client’s core team, allowing for the smooth replication of the company’s onshore development centers.

Thanks to a shared team structure, the offshore teams could work seamlessly with the client’s team structure, irrespective of their geographic locations. We made this possible using the latest collaborative tools and remote working technologies.

Using agile scrum teams to develop products without geographical limitations
Fixed-size scrum teams to manage costs and maximize efficiency

Our custom software development solution included building a scalable offshore team to reduce operational costs. We created dynamic scrum teams with a skillset that reflected the unique needs of each product’s development and delivery. After consultation with our client, we agreed upon fixed-sized teams that echoed their existing team structures.

To reflect the client’s cloud migration strategy and the need to launch each project to schedule, each scrum team included one dev lead with four developers, a quality engineering lead with three engineers, one business analyst, and one QE automation engineer. This ensured the offshore development center could replicate the work performed by our client’s onshore centers.

We assigned one scrum team to simple products and up to four to more complex products. For more extensive products, a scrum of scrums connected the scrum masters, ensuring complex tasks were completed cohesively. Our custom software design, hence, kept the spending under control while still meeting deadlines.

Fixed-size scrum teams to manage costs and maximize efficiency
Comprehensive 24/7 global year-round product support

Our client was keen to address the issue of gaps in production support for the Asian Time Zone when European or US locations were unavailable. The offshore development center teams were able to bridge this gap, providing wraparound product support with the ‘Follow the Sun’ method.

With this offshore structure in place, we were able to provide our client with first-line support for the new cloud version of their core product, serving both internal users and external customers.

We employed the latest tools for an agile software development methodology including automated monitoring and alerting, enabling us to detect and fix issues often before the user became aware of them. For internal users of the platform, we used tools like PagerDuty and Microsoft Teams to collaborate with local teams over environmental issues.

Comprehensive 24/7 global year-round product support
Business Impact

We successfully built and scaled an Offshore Development Center that matched the client’s onshore development capabilities. This custom software development solution. Our contributed to an increase in operational speed and facilitated the on-schedule release of seven key products.

Offshore delivery

Built and scaled to support cloud migration and SaaS model


reduction in operating costs


‘Follow the Sun’ production support model

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