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Our client grappled with business intelligence (BI) challenges like asset processing, operational performance, and the customer lifecycle. Data visualization was almost impossible given their industry and their legacy system.

Inaccurate views of profitability
Inefficient use of IT
Competing or incomplete data
Inflexible architecture
  • The client found it difficult to generate reports and find usable data for useful business insights
  • To access the data, employees often had to raise IT tickets
  • The IT team would retrieve and send the requested data, wasting their valuable time
  • Even with IT assistance, the database architecture was inflexible
Our Solution

Our client needed end-to-end asset visibility to gain more actionable insights from its operational data, so our business intelligence solutions focused on building interactive dashboards. The dashboards were customizable for both the client and their customers, providing a 360-degree view of the IT asset lifecycle across all regions.

Solution Impact


Secure reporting


Less demand for IT services


Reduction reports count

Our Approach

First, we empowered our client to take ownership of the BI solutions they offered. We enabled scalable ETL pipelines for initial data mart loads and daily incremental loads, and we built interactive dashboards that present key measures simultaneously. We then monitored and adjusted the tools whenever we needed to.

Our Approach
Improving the client’s BI solutions with interactive dashboards

Before we came onboard, our client struggled to provide business intelligence services to their customers and their internal sales and marketing teams. They often had to raise tickets with the IT department to access data. To address this, we built interactive dashboards for finance, sales, and performance analysis, providing the client with a single 360-degree view of the IT asset lifecycle, across all the regions they cover. This dashboard is customizable, so each team can configure it in a way that suits their needs. It has reduced demand on their IT team, and opened up the ability for other teams to extract smarter, more actionable insights from its operational data. Even better, they can offer these dashboards to their own customers, giving them more insight into how well our client delivers for them.

Improving the client’s BI solutions with interactive dashboards
Accessing real data insights through smart data visualization

True business intelligence requires data visualization. Most people find it hard to spot the insights from a giant table of unrefined data. With that in mind, we balanced simplicity with performance in our interactive dashboards. Not only could our client and their customers access their data faster than ever, but they could also receive it in a way that ensured they extracted business intelligence rapidly and accurately. Our dashboards allowed remarkable visibility of the number of assets needing an audit or the number of assets without life cycle status. Users could see how many assets they had with bad serial numbers. They could even get exceptional insight into their inventory, equipment reliability, and the entire lifecycle of any or all products.

Accessing real data insights through smart data visualization
Modernizing business intelligence solutions with ETL pipelines

All our business intelligence services were brought in to support the client as they modernized their entire business. They migrated to the cloud, overhauled their DevSecOps processes, and even developed new apps. Each of these facets of the overarching modernization project influenced and was influenced by their data management, so we knew we needed to have a data management system that would meet the needs of such a major update. We enabled a scalable ETL pipeline for the data loads generated by these new systems. This means data can come from multiple sources to be extracted, transformed or cleaned up, and loaded into a centralized database. This pipeline ensures that all the client’s systems and processes that either generate or retrieve data – whether for analytics, automation, the customer-facing app, or anything else – can store or access data quickly and smoothly.

Modernizing business intelligence solutions with ETL pipelines
Business Impact

Our business intelligence services have reduced the IT department’s workload and reduced the time other departments waited for data, freeing up time across the business. Our dashboards provided our client and their customers with a new tool. Plus, we have underpinned it all with a pipeline supporting the whole business.


Performance improvement due to lack of speed and memory constraints


View of the IT asset lifecycle across all regions through rich dashboards that can be personalized for different departments


Data availability throughout the organization

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