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Global Financial Services

Optimal data management and service platform reconfiguration for a global financial services provider.

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Our client is a global leader in payments and fintech. They have a diverse reach, catering to businesses and consumers and playing a part in millions of financial transactions annually. Their primary challenge is the slow onboarding process of new customers. They requested that we reduce the onboarding process while streamlining it. Since the client dealt with a massive amount of sensitive data, we had to be extra cautious.

Slow onboarding
Implementation backlog
Data extraction
Secure database
  • The client took 11 months to onboard a new client creating a backlog of implementations
  • They manually configured the contract documents, introducing chances of human error
  • The entire process was time-consuming and expensive
  • Since their data is bank-related and sensitive, security was a concern.
Our Solution

Our relationship with the client began when executives from a former client left their own company and started working for this company. Because of our efficient and professional work for their former employer, they brought us on board to help overcome a significant challenge.

  • Reduced the onboarding time for new customers
  • Extracted 50,000 contract documents via process automation in ten weeks
  • Created a virtual environment and synced it with the main one to develop the solutions
Solution Impact



And customer satisfaction



To deliver three PowerBI reports



Achieved in data extraction by automating 70% of processes

Services Involved
AI/ML, Intelligent Automation, and User Experience

Reduced the customer onboarding time by 30% for Architect systems

The global financial service provider took 11 months to onboard new clients to their services platform, creating a backlog of clients for implementation. We brought down the duration to seven months by creating as-is configuration automation. Then we extracted the client’s configuration worksheet requirements and put them in a structured format such as JSON. Next, we converted the client’s configuration files into XML and DB-script and used these files to set up the financial institution instance.

The last leg of process automation was requirement gathering. We set up a web portal to gather the end clients’ requirements. We then converted them into the client XML and DB-script client configuration files. Our OneCompany© approach helped our clients benefit from the latest technology and enablers.

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AI/ML, Intelligent Automation, and User Experience
Data, AI/ML, and Business Intelligence

Completed 100% extraction of entities from Product Contract documents within ten weeks

The Fintech giant wanted us to undertake data migration services for more than 50,000 product contract documents. The data management included extraction in a usable format and then migrated to their contract management system. Additionally, the client wanted us to develop dashboards on the extracted data for ongoing maintenance.

We began by sorting the shared files and grouping them into client folders. Moving on to extraction, we decided to go with cognitive extraction. We created a document extractor (web application) to render the documents for manual users, and the complex entities were manually extracted. Our QA team performed an audit check to uncover any errors or duplicities. In case of any anomalies, we corrected them and saved the updates.

In all, we extracted 22 entities from 50,000 contract documents with 98 distinct document types and did it within ten weeks. We achieved 100% accuracy and re-grouping. We also developed standard PowerBI reports for the client’s ongoing maintenance.

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With Tableau, multiple users can access the insights they need quickly and easily through a URL. The manual effort involved has been eliminated, saving us time, and access to current and historical data gives us a better picture of our customers.

Business Impact

In 2018, we partnered with our client to update their existing financial system and used innovation to create an efficient methodology. We listened to their needs, analyzed the scenario, and created solutions that made their systems work better for the global financial services provider and their customers.


Improved customer onboarding time


Increased the quality of implementations

Production defects

Reduced significantly

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