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Optimizing migration and integration with a new CRM system

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Our client’s complex ecosystem of 8+ brands, each with unique rules and components, demanded a flexible and scalable team. Their outdated CMS led to various problems, including difficulty in publishing and updating content, slow website loading times, and various internal delays and frustrations.

Outdated technology
Slow application load time
CMS performance issues
Expensive license cost
  • The previous CMS caused issues in publishing/updating content, slow website loading times, and internal frustrations
  • A complex ecosystem with 8+ brands in different locations, each having unique rules and components
  • Need for a flexible and scalable team to maintain and deliver new projects
  • Slow website speed and poor internal process
Our Solution

We provided a cost-effective, high-performance Umbraco-based solution that migrated legacy websites and improved security. Customized features were tailored to the client’s needs and ESB connectivity issues were addressed. We established an office in Romania to create a hybrid delivery model, which improved cultural integration and efficiency, and provided 24/7 support.

Solution Impact


Projects delivered

With increased security and lower licensing cost


Faster load times

Accelerating the overall performance


More content uploaded

With more features and updates

Our Approach

We analyzed all access points of the old CRM system and identified integrations and interactions between components. A facade was developed over the new CRM system to communicate through APIs. We managed data migration from the legacy system and integrated the new system with websites. Custom components were built to replace unavailable customizations in the new CRM system, and asynchronous solutions were created to capture and update shipping order statuses in the new CRM system.

Evolving as a strategic partner by taking end-to-end ownership

ValueLabs has simplified complex project management by providing end-to-end solutions including a project manager, business analyst, development team, test team, and DevOps team. This has improved project speed and quality through better communication and collaboration. A dedicated technical architect, project manager, and development and testing leads oversee constant improvements to technology and processes, resulting in project growth and higher customer satisfaction.

Evolving as a strategic partner by taking end-to-end ownership
Enhanced performance through Legacy System Modernization

ValueLabs suggested and implemented an Umbraco CMS-based solution to migrate eight legacy websites from Ektron, improving page response times and increasing conversion rates. The solution provided low-cost, high-performing applications with enhanced security and customized features to meet business needs. We added a security layer to Umbraco’s default module and resolved performance issues with ESB connectivity. Our team used ASP.NET Identity for enhanced security and external authentication provider options. Flexible deployment methods doubled the frequency of deployments, and SEO-friendly features improved Google rankings. The migration saved significant licensing costs.

Enhanced performance through Legacy System Modernization
Streamlining Migration and Integration with the new CRM System

To optimize the complex process of migrating and integrating a new CRM system, we conducted a thorough analysis of the old system and identified all access points, integrations, and interactions. Our experts developed a facade for communication with the new CRM through APIs. ValueLabs played a critical role in migrating data and integrating the new system with websites.

We built custom components to compensate for unavailable customizations, and asynchronous solutions were prepared to capture shipping order statuses. The result was a 40% reduction in onboarding time, thanks to the new CRM system’s scalability and maintainability. The web interface facilitated configuring rules and validating accurate actions. We created a reusable ICX service that reduced code duplications and increased deployment flexibility. Overall, the process optimized the migration and integration of the new CRM system.

Streamlining Migration and Integration with the new CRM System
Business Impact

Our team helped the multinational TV provider improve their web interface by simplifying the content configuration and ensuring accuracy. We created a reusable ICX activity service to reduce code duplication and increase deployment flexibility. Our efforts improved the reports, reduced execution time, and enabled accessibility through the SSRS web URL. The flexible deployment methods doubled deployment frequency, saving significant licensing costs by migrating from Ektron to Umbraco.

40% Reduction in onboarding time

A significant improvement was observed in scalability and maintainability

50% Reduction in initial load time of application

The content process was streamlined, resulting in a doubling of the number of deployments per month

Improved SEO ranking

Licensing cost reduced with a robust security

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