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Our client, a Luxembourg-based television provider serving approximately three million customers across eight countries, was challenged by the complexities of its ecosystem, consisting of 8+ brands each with distinct business rules and components. Maintaining this system and pursuing new projects required a highly adaptive and scalable workforce. The absence of content approval support in their existing CMS also caused significant delays in publishing content to production websites.

Complex ecosystem
CMS performance issues
Content editing bugs
Outdated technology
  • Buggy content editing and synchronization caused concerns with efficiency
  • The absence of content approval support led to delays in publishing
  • Manual reports regularly lacked historical analysis and were prone to human error
  • Top-heavy CMS was underutilized, causing performance problems
Our Solution

ValueLabs partnered with our client over five years to provide comprehensive services, including architecture design, product development, analytics, process automation, DevOps, deployment, and customer support. UX research was conducted to address challenges and pain points through data analysis, customer surveys, and brand manager interviews. Reporting schedules and notifications, data tracking, and a reporting layer were also introduced to meet business requirements. The team analyzed the old CRM system and identified the integrations and interactions between components.

Solution Impact



In initial application load time



Delivered with a quick turnaround time



Customer and brand onboarding

Our Approach
Our Approach
Services Involved
Product Development

Improved website efficiency with faster load times, increased content, reduced costs, and higher SEO ranking

ValueLabs took a comprehensive approach to its client’s technology needs by providing end-to-end services that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of the client. We onboarded a team of experts, including a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Developers, Testers, and a DevOps team, to work exclusively on the client’s behalf. This approach enabled us to streamline communication and improve collaboration, resulting in the successful delivery of 20 technology projects for the client in 2020.

The client was facing various problems with its previous CMS solution, including difficulty in publishing and updating content, slow website loading times, and various internal delays and frustrations. After conducting an internal review, ValueLabs recommended a migration to Umbraco, an open-source CMS that would improve performance, reduce costs, and enhance security.

The migration resulted in significant improvements for the client, including faster page response times, swifter application load times, easier content management, reduced licensing costs, and improved security and Google ranking.

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Product Development
User Experience

Streamlined payment processes and improved cart conversions with multi-channel design

One of the major challenges faced by the client was its outdated payment system. The three-step process of being redirected from the site to the payment portal and then to the bank website resulted in a lot of customer drop-off and low checkout completion rates. To address this, ValueLabs conducted in-depth UX research and redesigned the checkout flow using the Adyen payment platform. This allowed payments to take place in-app on desktop, mobile, or smart TVs, resulting in a seamless and unified experience across multiple client brands and improved checkout conversion rates.

In addition to the payment system, ValueLabs also executed a complete redesign of the client’s website and mobile experience after analytics highlighted a problem with customer engagement. Through user research and experimentation, ValueLabs designed a consistent and personalized user experience that improved content relevance and prolonged user engagement. As a result, the client won both the Muse GOLD and Vega PLATINUM industry awards for their improved UX work. These projects highlight the impact that ValueLabs has had on the client over the last five years and the difference between things working and things working optimally.

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User Experience
Analytics and Automation

Optimized reporting through automation, faster delivery and eliminating formatting errors

To support the client’s goal of leveraging customer data to drive business insights, ValueLabs stepped in to help. The client’s analytics team was facing difficulties in extracting meaningful insights from their data, and ValueLabs was able to address this challenge by assembling a dedicated team of experts to work on the client’s behalf. The team included a project manager, business analyst, developers, testers, and a DevOps team, who worked to streamline communication and improve collaboration. As a result, ValueLabs was able to deliver 20 successful technology projects for the client in 2020.

One of the key initiatives was the modernization of the client’s reporting system. The manual reporting was migrated to a web-based Tableau portal, providing easy access to current and historical data and key performance metrics of the CRM data. This not only reduced the manual effort required but also gave the client a more comprehensive view of their customers. Additionally, ValueLabs modernized the client’s legacy Crystal reports, delivering enhanced reports through SSRS that could be easily accessed through a web URL.

The updated analytics capabilities allowed the client to gain a better understanding of its customers, including the fact that they were spending a lot of time on irrelevant content. To address this issue, ValueLabs designed a new UX that made it easier for users to find content that was more relevant to them.

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Analytics and Automation
Business Impact

We worked closely with the client to revamp the website with modern CMS, streamlined customer experience, converted data into actionable insights, and automated 24/7 self-service with AI chatbots. Our team’s flexible deployment methods resulted in streamlined processes and reduced time to market, nearly doubling the number of deployments in a month.


More content uploaded through a streamlined CMS


Manual dependency


AI-powered chatbot with multilingual capabilities

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