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Improved checkout conversions and increased engagement through award-winning UX redesign

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Our client struggled with low checkout completion and high abandonment rates, necessitating UX research and flow redesign for various device types.

Abandoned checkouts
Poor user experience
UX research
Flow redesign
  • Low checkout completion rates, with less than 1% of customers finishing the process
  • Poor user experience with unnecessary barriers in the checkout flow leading to abandonment
  • Lack of research to enable identification of the reasons for high customer abandonment
  • Low conversion rates across desktop, mobile, and Smart TV applications
Our Solution

The client’s checkout process had a low conversion rate, resulting in the need for optimization. Our team improved the checkout process for different subscription types and devices with a thorough analysis. This increased conversion rates and reduced customer support calls related to login and account creation issues. The team also unified the checkout flow and design across all the client’s brands in eight countries with individual websites.

  • Conducted extensive UX research, including analyzing Google Analytics and conducting surveys and interviews with brand managers from all countries
  • Used literature research to identify market insights and future trends
  • Redesigned checkout flow for desktop, mobile, and Smart TV using wireframes and high-fidelity mockups
  • Simplified Smart TV checkout by sending an SMS with a link to sign up and complete checkout on mobile browsers
Solution Impact

Improved customer conversion rate

With increased checkouts

Reduction in support calls

For login/account issues

Optimized the experience

For subscription type and device


ValueLabs redesigned the client’s outdated payment system to improve conversions and create a seamless checkout experience using the Adyen payment platform, resulting in an increased checkout conversion rate and better customer engagement.

  • Conducted in-depth UX research to identify the challenges and pain points in the client’s payment system
  • Redesigned the checkout flow using the Adyen payment platform, allowing payments to take place in-app, resulting in fewer cart abandonments and increased customer engagement
  • Provided a consistent and personalized user experience across all client brands, each with its own website, leading to improved customer satisfaction
Streamlining payments for millions of customers with enhanced user experience

Our team conducted in-depth UX research to optimize the checkout experience and improve customer conversion rates for the client. We redesigned the checkout funnel flow for desktop, mobile, and Smart TV applications, unifying the flow and design across all brands. By introducing a flow where users receive an SMS with a link to sign-up, we removed the checkout form from the Smart TV application. Customers were then able to complete the mobile browser checkout process by clicking the SMS hyperlink. The result was an optimized checkout process for mobile devices and Smart TVs, a simplified funnel, improved customer conversion, and reduced checkout abandonment rate. The personalized user experience helped users find relevant content quickly and stay online for longer periods.

Streamlining payments for millions of customers with enhanced user experience
Business Impact

Our redesigned solution improved the client’s checkout conversions with a seamless payment experience on multiple devices. Additionally, it increased customer engagement through website and mobile redesign. The UX work ValueLabs has undertaken for our client has seen the company win the Muse GOLD and Vega PLATINUM industry awards, highlighting its design approach’s effectiveness and ability to deliver high-quality user experiences.

Optimized check-out

For mobile devices and SmartTVs

Improved customer conversion rate

By simplifying the check-out funnel

Reduced check-out abandonment rate

By enhancing user experience

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