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Today’s increasingly sophisticated customers view digital touch points and interactions as the primary means to connect with brands. As consumers increasingly conduct high-value and sensitive transactions on digital platforms, it is imperative for organizations to protect their businesses from security threats to consumer-facing channels. This is especially true in the context of banking and financial services, healthcare, retail, and other highly regulated industries.

Companies which capitalize on customer insights have a competitive advantage over their competitors who do not. CIAM solutions help understand the customer journey and provide a 360◦ view of customers to increase revenue and customer loyalty.

At ValueLabs, we help our clients understand these critical factors and make the most out of their investment. Join our speakers Udit Saxena, Prabath Siriwardena and Johann Nallathamby, for an insightful webinar to know how organizations can leverage an effective CIAM strategy to enhance customer experience.

The webinar will be followed by an open Q&A session for all attendees.

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Discover how you can enable a 360 degree view of each customer engagement

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Provide strong and adaptive authentication for your customers through secure consent and privacy management

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Increase customer engagement and loyalty while maintaining their security and privacy

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Udit Saxena
AVP, Head of Security Practice
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Johann Nallathamby
Associate Director/Solutions Architect
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Prabath Siriwardena
Vice President & Deputy CTO - Security Architecture
ValueLabs Events - Testimonials

"Very well done guys. World class presentations. I wonder why the big boys can't come up with a presentation like yours."

"That was by far the best-organized panel session I have been on. Thank you again for including me. I enjoyed well balanced moderation as well. Very professional and good discussions. Cheers!"

"Great content! Really got me excited about use cases in my niche. Thank you!"