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Press Release

Movimento Honored with Frost & Sullivan’s ‘Award for 2017 Excellence in Technology Innovation’

Hyderabad, India, September 21, 2017: Movimento is proud to be honored with the “Award for 2017 Excellence in Technology Innovation” by Frost & Sullivan for its innovative Unified Over-The-Air (OTA) Platform. Since the company’s acquisition by Delphi Automotive PLC in January 2017, Movimento continues to be a market leader in bringing technological advances to the automotive industry and this award affirms the company’s growth.

Technology-driven trends in the automotive industry have transformed the OEMs’ response to changing customer behavior by developing strategic partnerships and pushing groundbreaking disruptions. The global automotive industry is now in the era of the Software Defined Car™ which encompasses smart mobility and connected services for connected and autonomous vehicles.

Movimento is enabling the development of the Software Defined Car™ by offering scalable vehicle software management, ECU programming and remote software update services. Movimento’s Unified OTA Platform for the automotive industry brings together vehicle software management, big data and cybersecurity, all on a single scalable platform. The OTA Platform provides auto OEMs with both tremendous cost saving opportunities in recall avoidance and, maybe even more importantly, the critical feature of proactively updating software in a scalable manner for a global fleet to address security vulnerabilities as likely mandated in the near-term future for autonomous driving with the “SELF DRIVE Act” and “AV START Act” in US and similar initiatives world-wide.

“The Software Defined Car™ is about proactively managing vehicle software, security and data. These key characteristics will define the success of tomorrow’s automotive company” said Mahbubul Alam, CTO and CMO, Movimento Group. “Movimento’s Unified OTA Platform is here to help the automotive industry and is ready for the future with advanced capabilities including artificial intelligence”.

The OTA software update management system is built as a service on top of a cutting-edge, cloud-based architecture that delivers not only software updates, but also vehicle knowledge management through a big data infrastructure. The Unified OTA Platform provides several advanced features including a dependency resolver that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide software updates and avoid any conflicts, ensuring that the dependencies are met across all modules and software versions. Another unique feature of the Unified OTA Platform is the patent-pending ‘Adaptive Delta Compression’ technology that uses advanced data analytics to select the optimal delta compression technique depending on the type of software, the urgency of the software update and also on the in-vehicle OTA Client hardware capabilities and limitations.

Movimento’s Unified OTA Platform advancements enable the capability to drive the automotive industry to deliver new features and applications and also increase product quality, operational efficiency and post-sale vehicle performance. The OTA monitoring and data analytics capabilities will enable OEMs to enhance the overall customer experience. With the industry shifting to fleet models, the platform will also be an asset to companies that want to gain better control and oversight of their fleets. These developments will also accelerate Internet of Things innovations which have the potential to disrupt current transportation business models.

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