Alumni Speaks – Neelima Adapa, Associate Manager – Presales

It may be hard to say “Goodbye” but the “good” with it is a promise of something “better”.  As I step onto the threshold to bid a farewell to ValueLabs, I look back fondly to the time spent here which was the best phase of my career.

Reminiscing my early days here, I vividly recollect the time when I had joined ValueLabs in 2005. During this time period, I worked with seniors like Ram, Rayalu and Sam Alva who taught me the finer nuances of delivering perfection in work and helped me develop my knowledge and skills specific to the IT industry.  As a fresher, I received immense support and guidance over here which was crucial in boosting my morale and acquire the confidence to find my own standing.

The idea of starting a separate “Marketing” division was conceptualised and materialised during my initial years at ValueLabs.  Within a span of 8 years, the “Marketing” team grew exponentially to emerge with four well-defined divisions: Pre-Sales, Marketing Communications, Online Marketing and Events.

Incidentally, we were also the first team to move into the then newly built main branch whose numerous wings were under construction. Gradually, we saw the building take shape and form to become the glorious structure which houses today world-class work stations, lounge, gym, cafeteria, dormitories and the beautiful Zen garden! What I like about the organisation is its emphasis on work- fun balance with its regularly arranged events, outings, enjoyable Val-Meet sessions and the team meet-ups.

Most importantly, I am thankful to ValueLabs for accepting my request and giving me the opportunity to work from home as I had been blessed with a new born.  This always makes me proud to be associated with an organisation that values its women employees and propagates women empowerment in the true sense.

As Albert Einstein said,

“Try not to become a man of success,

Rather become a man of values”.

My time here helped me imbibe good values, practice good work ethics and become a better individual which goes beyond the realms of professional success.

Owing to my wonderful association with ValueLabs, it makes me wish I would stick around for a longer time but life has set some other plans for me. I’m sad to leave but yet ready to meet my new endeavour and face challenges life has to offer.

As I move on to a different world with other opportunities, I can only say that I would never have been able to do this if I hadn’t got an opportunity here. I treasure this time in my career as golden period and bid adieu to the organisation that brought me success and happiness.

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